5 Self-Care Tips While Travelling Alone

Are you going on a trip by yourself this year? Here are five self-care tips while travelling alone.

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Solo travelling brings the excitement and keeps the adrenaline pumping through your body. However, it’s not always cherry on top.

After travelling for a while, the excitement recedes and the loneliness kicks in. A sense of loss because you are not surrounded by people you are comfortable with.

You may need to take some time for self-care when you’re travelling alone.

5 Tips for Self-Care When You’re Travelling Alone

Socialising with new acquaintances everyday can be draining. It’s important to remember different ways to practise self-care when you are travelling alone so the fear doesn’t consume you. Here are a few tips for you to begin with.

Switch off your internet and enjoy the view

You can live without connecting to Instagram for an afternoon. Putting all your focus on taking pictures won’t make the memory last. In a few years when you look back, you will need to rely on the photos to remember where you went. But if you set your phone aside, to truly soak the scenery in, you will be able to remember that moment years from now.

So many people feel lost because they don’t know what they have gained from a trip when they are still addicted to their phone. Having a trip means experiencing something different. Don’t get fixated on who texted you or not, you have a trip to enjoy.

Feel with your heart, not your phone. There is no better camera than your eyes.

Make small conversations with locals

Talking to locals allows you to get to know their culture better. Most of the time, people are friendly and will talk to you. Some may even be enthusiastic enough to show you around. You’d be surprised how many times that happened.

When you are tired of all the parties happening in the hostel, step out to talk to the restaurant owner you frequent, to the dad taking his kids out in the playground.

Making small talks may not be the easiest but you will see there are always more nice people willing to connect than people shutting you out. Talking to others helps you take care of yourself while travelling alone.

Find a location in nature

For those who feel lost, nothing reconnects you with the world better than nature. All the chaos happening in the city only fumes up your thoughts, clouding your way of seeing things. Cities have that negative effect on people. It doesn’t seem to encourage a peaceful mind.

Look for a place in the forest, go for a hike to the waterfall. Listen to the leaves rustling and reevaluate your problems. It’s easier to think of a solution when you are surrounded by nature, taking the stress and chaos out of your mind.

Being alone in nature helps with self-care while travelling alone.

5 Self-Care Tips While Travelling Alone

Write a journal

Writing is a great way to channel out your thoughts and lay out a logical reasoning to your questions. It’s the perfect way to take care of yourself while travelling alone.

Bring a journal to your trips, record your emotions and read it over again the next day. A journal will store your good moods forever while presenting you clearly why you were having those negative emotions and what would be a good way to deal with them.

When you are too entangled in your thoughts, being able to analyse them critically helps. Sit by the sea and write the journal to get to know yourself better.

5 Self-Care Tips While Travelling Alone

Have some “me” time

Travelling alone for a long time can be a sensory overload. You become numb to the new environment and it’s all too overwhelming. What you need is a little “me” time. You are never obligated to socialise with anyone. When you are feeling tired, stop and relax. Stay in your room and watch Netflix all day, or go to a spa to be pampered.

Don’t think of it as a day wasted. You are recharging yourself so you could walk a longer journey.

Why travelling alone is the experience of a lifetime

By travelling alone, you get to know yourself better, you are not the same person as when you started the trip, as this world travel chef can tell you.

WIth having no one to please, you can truly be yourself and make an itinerary you want. Solo travel is truly rewarding, despite it being scary. Everyone can reap something from it.

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5 Self-Care Tips While Travelling Alone

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