3 Tricks to Staying in Your Christmas Presents Budget

I’ve uncovered 3 tricks to help you with Christmas presents budget – because let’s face it, holiday joy shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

With a bit of savvy planning, you can enjoy a magical Christmas full of warmth, laughter, and thoughtful surprises. So, here’s to creating unforgettable memories without the financial stress. Wishing you a season filled with love, joy, and pocket-friendly festivities!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here.

I have a secret.

I love buying gifts for other people.  In fact, I started shopping for Christmas gifts in July.

My secret wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not also secretly a millionaire.  If Phillip’s salary were perhaps 10x what he makes, then I could shop to my heart’s content!  Like many of you, however, we do not have unlimited resources at our disposal.

Note: if you are one of the lucky few who have an endless supply of money, please stop reading this post and go shopping!

This unfortunate dichotomy (which is a fancy word for “two opposite ideas”) means that I have to get creative if I want to continue indulging myself without Phillip taking away my credit cards.

Let me share with you a few tricks and inexpensive gift ideas best gifts that I’ve learned over the years that allow me to stretch my resources without breaking the bank.

3 Tricks to Staying in Your Christmas Presents Budget

1. Set Up a Gift Closet to Stay in Your Christmas Budget

If you’re anything like my husband, then sometimes special days have a funny way of sneaking up on you.  (Of course, that would have absolutely nothing to do with your six-year-old darling angel giving you his classmate’s birthday party invitation the morning of!). Or, if another person you’re anything like, you notice toys and gifts all year long that you want to purchase but decide to wait until the holidays are closer (which always results in the said gift now costing double the price).

This is where a gift closet comes in handy! As I go through each day, I keep an eye out for sales on items that I know my family members would love. When something does go on sale, I purchase it right then (who cares if Christmas is five months away?) and stick it on a shelf away from sticky little hands.  This ensures that when the holidays come up, I’m not desperately scrambling on December 24th to find a Hatchimal somewhere within a 500-mile radius or the best cheap Christmas gifts!

The gift closet also works perfectly when you find an amazing sale/clearance item or the best cheap gift for Christmas gifts that you know everyone on your list or kids will never use, but you want to buy them just to say you got 90% off! (This happens quite frequently in my Facebook group.) Just stick it in the gift closet and pull it out next time you need a present for a last-minute birthday party! (Or the embarrassing moment when someone gives you holiday gifts and you forgot to get them something.)

Having a cheap gift in the closet also ends up being a great price saving me several hundred dollars each year by never paying full price on thoughtful very affordable gifts, for birthdays and other holidays!

3 Tips For Staying in Your Christmas Presents Budget (plus gift ideas)

2. Get Free Gift Cards to Stay in Your Christmas Budget

Using free gift cards is one of my favorite ways to pay for my shopping habits. (It’s not an addiction!  I could stop any time I wanted!). In fact, this year for Christmas, my husband and I have earned over $1,000 in free gift cards that we plan on using at Target, Walmart, etc. to pay for our holiday season!

Getting free gift cards is really not too difficult, and it requires very little effort on your part. GO HERE to see my list of all of the different methods we used to make this Christmas completely debt-free without going broke!

Since we don’t really do Santa, the gift cards themselves make great gift ideas for our kids as well.  They love going to the store after the holidays (when prices are back to normal) and making their own purchases!

Looking for other ways to keep Christ in Christmas throughout December?

3. Cut Down Your Food Budget

The last (and probably most important) way to have more money for shopping is to cut grocery costs with coupons! The average American household spends $301 per month on groceries, plus an additional $182 on eating out! That’s almost $500 per month, or $6,000 each year!  Just imagine how much fun you could have at the mall with all of that money!

Let’s make the kitchen the center of our budget-friendly holiday strategy. With a bit of savvy meal planning and coupon clipping, we can turn those weekly grocery runs into a treasure hunt for savings. Imagine the joy of whipping up delicious family recipes while knowing you’ve pocketed some extra holiday cash. It’s like turning the kitchen into our very own Santa’s workshop, where every meal prepared becomes a small gift to our budget.”

Let’s transform the dining table into a place of connection, where the magic of the holidays is served alongside heartwarming meals. So, grab those coupons, dust off those family recipes, and let’s turn our kitchens into the heart of holiday joy and budget-friendly feasts!

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Couponing for Budget-Friendly Festivities

Now, I know what you all are thinking: that couponing takes too much time between clipping the Sunday papers, finding the deals in the sales ads, and going to grocery stores.  And you’d be right – IF we lived our life 25 years ago before a beautiful little thing called the internet was invented!

Nowadays, couponing consists of printing coupons from the internet, following deals websites that have already gone through the ads and matched sale prices with coupons, and zipping in and out of the grocery store (although you could always do grocery pickup from stores like Walmart and Kroger)!

I started using coupons about two years ago when a best friend of mine got me hooked by showing me her receipt with 95% off her groceries!  Now, I can’t say that I save that much every time I shop, but I usually get at least 70% off each week.

To help you learn how to coupon, you can go here.

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Alternative Strategies If you don’t want to coupon

Now, if you really don’t think you have the time to coupon, you can still save money on groceries!  I actually rarely coupon anymore.

Even without coupons, however, I’m still able to keep our grocery budget to just $42 per week for our family of four!  And no, my kids don’t eat like birds.  They each eat 2-3 PBJs for lunch every single day.  Plus multiple snacks in between meals (fruit and veggies), and they chow down at breakfast.

Before you think that it’s only my family that can do this, I recently taught a friend (who has two boys in elementary school and a husband with a large appetite) how to do this, and she cut her entire grocery budget by about 65% – she now only spends 1/3 of what she used to!

Beyond the budget-friendly magic, there are some extra perks to this grocery game plan. Not only does it keep our wallets happy, but it also encourages us to get creative in the kitchen. With a focused grocery list and strategic meal planning, we’re not just saving money; we’re cooking up a storm of delicious and nutritious meals.

Oh, and did I mention the reduced food waste? Yep, sticking to a well-thought-out shopping list means less chance of items languishing in the back of the fridge and more of our hard-earned money staying put.

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You Stay in Your Christmas Budget!

It is possible to stay in your Christmas budget, especially if you start saving now!

Planning to sleigh your holiday budget without going all-out on extreme couponing?

Stick to those tried-and-true family traditions that won’t cost an arm and a leg. There’s something magical about these budget-friendly practices, and they won’t break the bank. Let’s talk gifts – consider setting up a gift closet with those pre-Christmas bargains. It’s like having a stash of joy ready to go, and your budget will thank you. Trust me, a thrifty holiday gift set is just as heartwarming!

When it comes to gifts and gift ideas, think about exploring practical ways to save beyond setting up a gift closet. Consider joining gift exchanges with friends or a family member, where everyone draws a name and buys one gift. This not only adds a personalized touch to the presents but also reduces the overall gift budget.

You might want to try your hand at DIY gifts, whether it’s homemade treats, crafts, or personalized items. These not only showcase thoughtfulness but also often come with a more budget-friendly price tag. Embracing these alternative approaches ensures spreading joy during the holidays without straining your finances.

Bonus! Additional Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

While you’re in the mode of saving for Christmas, here are a couple of frugal Christmas gift ideas to inspire you when it comes to giving sentimental presents your friends and family will love.

3 Tips For Staying in Your Christmas Presents Budget (plus gift ideas)

DIY Gift Baskets:

Trust me, it’s like creating little bundles of joy customized just for your loved ones. A cozy night in, surrounded by ribbons, treats, and the excitement of curating the perfect basket. Fill it with their favorite snacks, maybe a quirky gadget or two, and don’t forget a sprinkle of self-care goodies.

They are not just a box of cheap Christmas gifts; they are a whole experience wrapped up with love. These baskets aren’t just about saving money sound quality, and perfect gift ideas; they’re about pouring your heart into every selection, making it a present that truly speaks to the soul. So, grab a box of your baskets and let the gifting adventure begin!

Handwritten Letters or Poems:

There’s something truly timeless about the magic of words as gift ideas, an old-fashioned, traditional way to express feelings that never fails to leave me in awe. Sometimes, a heartfelt letter or a creative poem can be the most treasured gift.

It’s not just about saving dollars; it’s about investing your time and emotions into something truly special. Your words become a timeless keepsake, a reminder of the love and thoughtfulness woven into every line. So, why not sprinkle a bit of literary magic into your holiday gifting? It’s the kind of present that lasts long after the wrapping paper is gone, carrying the warmth of your sentiments through the years. Ready to put pen to paper and let the heartfelt gifting begin?

3 Tips For Staying in Your Christmas Presents Budget (plus gift ideas)

Recipe Jars:

Recipe Jars are fantastic cheap Christmas gifts. As charming as it sounds – imagine layering the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie or soup recipe right into a jar. Then, add a decorative tag with the simple recipe instructions. Voilà! You’ve just created a heartfelt and budget-friendly culinary gift. It’s like giving them a taste of your family’s love and cherished recipes. So, grab those jars, get layering, and let’s share the warmth of homemade goodness this holiday.

Experience Coupons:

Gift-giving with Experience Coupon by creating coupons for activities like a homemade coupon for a cozy movie night, a special homemade dinner, or a day where you lend a helping hand with chores. Think of the smiles you’ll share during that movie, the warmth around the dinner table, or the camaraderie while tackling chores together. These coupons are cheap Christmas gifts but they aren’t just about saving money; they’re about investing in moments that matter. So, let’s create a pocketful of memories without breaking the bank with these inexpensive Christmas gift ideas!

Photo Collages or Scrapbooks:

Preserving memories with Photo Collages or Scrapbooks brings a deep sense of warmth and joy! This is a perfect gift as no one can resist the joy of flipping through a collection of cherished photos, creating a visual journey of shared moments. All it takes is a bit of time, some crafty flair, and a sprinkle of love. It’s not just about sticking pictures onto pages; it’s about crafting a keepsake that tells the story of our journey together. Plus, they are cheap Christmas gifts to celebrate those special moments without splurging. So, grab those photos, get your creative juices flowing, and let’s turn those memories into a beautiful tapestry of love!

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Personalized Ornaments:

There is a personal touch to our holiday home decor with DIY ornaments and gift ideas! It’s like turning our tree into a gallery of cherished memories. Whether it’s names, dates, or inside jokes, each decoration becomes a tiny celebration of our unique stories. It’s not just about decking the halls; it’s about transforming our space into a cozy haven filled with love. These personalized ornaments aren’t just decorations; they’re heartwarming keepsakes and inexpensive Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank. So, grab some supplies, gather the family, and let’s infuse our holiday with a sprinkle of DIY magic!

Thrift Store Finds:

Discover budget-friendly treasures and gift ideas at thrift stores – unique finds with heart and history. Whether it’s vintage gems, quirky books, or charming decorations, these hidden treasures make thoughtful, affordable gifts. So, grab a friend, let’s explore the thrift store wonders together, finding meaningful presents that won’t break the bank!

Subscription Services:

Consider budget-friendly subscription services for magazines, streaming, or book clubs. It’s a year-round joy in our gift-giving! There is always delight in receiving a magazine, enjoying a new movie, or diving into a captivating book club pick every month. It’s not just a one-time gift; it’s like spreading joy across the entire year without putting a dent in your wallet.

So, why not gift a subscription and let the magic keep unfolding, month after month? These awesome gift ideas keep on giving, turning each day into a little celebration. Ready to wrap up the gift of endless surprises without breaking the bank?

Remember, the most meaningful gifts and thoughtful gift ideas often come from the heart, and there are numerous creative and budget-friendly ways to make the holiday season special for your loved ones.

Shared moments and thoughtful gestures are all that matter

Cutting down on unnecessary expenses, like dining out frequently, can free up more resources for the holiday season. Planning festive activities that don’t break the bank, such as family game nights or DIY decorations, can add a personal touch without straining your already tight budget further. Remember, the heart of the holidays lies in shared moments and thoughtful gestures, not in extravagant spending or lavish gift ideas. Wishing you a joyful and budget-friendly holiday season!

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