55 Gift Ideas for Jane Austen Lovers (Janeites)

Need some gift ideas for the Jane Austen fan in your life? Check out this gift guide for items that any Janeite would love to receive!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with a confession – I’m a Jane Austen fan, and I’ve got some great gift ideas for you if you have a Janeite in your life!.

I guess that’s not really that much of a confession or a secret, since I have recently written and published a Jane Austen variation!

For me, I’ve been a Jane Austen fanfiction reader for years (clean ones, of course). I love reading all of the “what-if” stories that people come up with.

What if Elizabeth Bennet had been forced to marry Mr. Collins when he proposed?

What if Lydia never eloped? Or never went to Brighton?

What if Elizabeth never saw Mr. Darcy on the day she toured Pemberley?

There are so many different scenarios out there! And after years of reading them, I finally wrote one myself! You can check it out here if you’re interested.

(And anyone who enjoys this genre should also check out these Best Christian Fiction Authors to Read.)

I recently had a birthday, and my amazing husband helped the kids choose some really fun presents, including some that revolved around Jane Austen!


Aren’t they so fun? I then wanted to see what other fun Jane Austen items there are on Amazon that would make for good gifts in the future. Here are my favorites!

(For the full list, you can check it out here.)

Jane Austen Gift Guide

I am going to share my five favorite items here on this blog post, and you can see the rest of the Jane Austen Gift Guide here.

Jane Austen Bag

This Jane Austen bag was one of my favorite gifts from Phillip this year. It’s perfect for holding the little makeup I do wear.

I’d Rather Be at Pemberley Mug

Some days, this I’d Rather Be at Pemberley mug expresses exactly how I feel. Can you imagine the library?

Marrying Mr. Darcy Board Game

This Marrying Mr. Darcy board game is so much fun! Phillip even watched the six hour version on his own time so he could play it with me. Isn’t that sweet of him?

Mr. Collins Tank Top

This tank top that says “Run Like Mr. Collins Just Proposed” makes me laugh every time I see it.

Funko Pop Jane Austen

What better gift to give a Jane Austen fan than the Lady herself? This Funko Pop Jane Austen is something every Janeite should own!

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