Best Christian Fiction Authors to Read

Here are four of the best Christian authors of fiction books! Read romance, thrillers, mystery, and more from male and female Christian authors.

Hi, I’m C.M. Mills, and here are some of the best Christian fiction authors for you to read!

Books are amazing because they can transport you when you have no place to go

As many books as I have read, I prefer ones that take you on adventures. Whether that’s to the past, another world, or to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

I’ve come across numerous authors. I’ve either loved or disliked their books. The authors I’ve enjoyed, I keep looking for their books.

Some of the authors I’ve loved the most are Christian authors. Elizabeth Camden, Francine Rivers, Frank Peretti, and Ted Dekker are four Christian authors I’ve read numerous books by.

I’ve enjoyed each and every one of their books. They are all Christian authors and express Christianity through their books.

Note: One of Tiffany’s favorite Christian books is “When God Doesn’t Fix it” by Laura Story. Make sure you read the book review!

Elizabeth Camden and Francine Rivers include Christian characters who struggle with some aspect of their faith. Francine Rivers is more open with her character’s faith where Elizabeth Camden is subtler.

Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker weave elements of faith into their stories.

All of their stories are free of adult situations and swearing. While the characters get angry, they show it in other ways. There is some romance in the books, but its sappy more than anything else.

All of the books I’ve included below have links to more information about them. If you would like to know more about other books, then click this link: Book Worm Book Reviews.

Christian author – Elizabeth Camden

Christian Author Elizabeth Camden

Elizabeth Camden is known for her historical fiction books. There are elements of faith woven into her books.

Her characters are known for their faith. At least one of her characters is a believer. They often show another character who’s an unbeliever way of faith and what it truly means to be a Christian, which is why she is one of the best Christian fiction authors.

Her books also include an element of romance. It’s almost always the two main characters falling in love. It’s the sappy kind of falling in love, too.

But there’s an air of mysteries with her books. The two main characters must join together to face unknown forces who wish to keep their doings a secret.

Elizabeth Camden‘s books I’ve read

Christian author – Francine Rivers

Christian Author Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers is one of the most well-known Christian authors. She has a wide range of books across many decades. Her books are known for tugging at your heart and drawing you in. I’ve had a hard time putting down her books.

Her characters are always relatable in some ways. Some of her books are based off of bible stories, but she puts her own twists on them. At least one of her characters is a strong, unshakable Christian character. At least one character comes to Christ as well.

There tends to be a deep struggle for the character that comes to Christ. My mom recommended her books to me. I’ve been hooked on her books since.

Many people who enjoy Francine Rivers also enjoy Jane Austen. If this is you, then check out this post with 55 Gift Ideas for Jane Austen Lovers (Janeites).

Francine Rivers’s books that I’ve read:

Christian author - Frank Peretti
Christian author – Frank Peretti

Christian Author Frank Peretti

Frank Peretti is known for his thrillers. Though not as well-known nowadays, his books still resonate today.

His books also have faith woven throughout. There are representations of faith and evil in tangible ways in the books. Mysterious creatures lurking around the people or town are the ways he portrays evil.

It’s often one or two people of faith who defeat the evil/mysterious being. Or they teach others about Christianity so they can defeat the evil. They try to bring Christianity to the town or place, but are not always successful.

These are ways that he brings parallels to the real world. His books can be scary, but it’s more of a build up tension kind of scary.

Frank Peretti’s books I’ve read:

Christian author - Ted Dekker
Christian author – Ted Dekker

Christian Author Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker is another well-known author. I wouldn’t call his books thrillers, but his books tend to have a creepy edge to them. He has written a few historical fiction books as well.

I’ve always thought of books as ‘this is weird, but I want to keep reading to see what happens.’ Most of his books have a more hidden layer of faith woven throughout. If you know what you’re looking for, then you can find the parallels to Christianity.

A lot of the earlier books I’ve read by him have something to do with blood. Not in a gory sense, but in the sense that blood is a saving/redeeming feature to the characters. Hence the reason for me thinking it’s weird.

His books have always kept me intrigued. So I always want to know what happens next. They have interesting takes on classic tales and classic themes. These books always tend to keep me guessing and reading, which is why he is the last of the four best Christian fiction authors.

Ted Dekker’s books I’ve read

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Hello, I’m C.M. Mills and am an avid book reader. I read almost anything, but especially enjoy reading historical fiction, fantasy, and thriller. If a book has sappy romantic undertones, then I’m all for it. If you’d like to get in touch with me then contact me at or visit my site Bookworm Book Reviews.

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Best Christian Fiction Authors to Read

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  1. Francine Rivers’ books remind me of the unshakable love of Christ. Her books are still evergreen and fresh no matter the number of times I red them.

  2. Francine Rivers’ books remind me of the unshakable love of Christ. Her books are evergreen no matter the number of times I read them

  3. These guys are certainly the best Christian authors around and I really want to read their works! I’m just in the middle of an exceptionally good book by Keion Henderson, and once I finish it, I’ll be checking these titles out!

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