12 Daytes (Days + Dates) of Christmas

This free printable 12 Dates of Christmas is the perfect frugal Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your husband, wife, or partner. On each of the 12 days of Christmas, you’ll give your sweetheart the corresponding date that you’ll go on during the upcoming year. 

1st Dayte of Christmas

A partridge in a pear tree

Paint a still life of a bowl of pears.

Here are some cute ideas for January's dayte:

Make plans to plant a pear tree together.

Challenge each other to a pear dessert bake-off.

2nd Dayte of Christmas

Two turtle doves

Attend a live bird show or falconry demonstration.

Here are some cute ideas for February's dayte:

Visit an aviary.

Learn about turtle doves and why they are the symbol of love, then make homemade chocolate turtles.

5th Dayte of Christmas

Five golden rings

Take a jewelry-making class.

Here are some cute ideas for May's dayte:

Try on costume jewelry at a thrift store.

Go antique shopping for vintage jewelry.

Create a ring-inspired playlist and have a dance party.

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