64 Creative Paper Plate Crafts For Kids To Explore

Check out this roundup list of a bunch of paper plate crafts for kids to make with paper plates! Keep children busy with disposable plate crafts.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some crafts made from paper plates that kids can do.

In our house, we love having crafts that kids can do. Whether it’s Easy OrigamiWashi Tape Crafts, or Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, it’s important to us that our kids get to explore their creative side.

There are SO many different things kids can make with paper plates! And what’s better, they’re super cheap to purchase in bulk from Amazon

Paper plate crafts are a perfect indoor activity to help children stay occupied when the weather won’t let them get outside to play. We live in Houston, where the summer heat makes it impossible to go outside in the afternoon.

Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold place where winter activities outdoors are difficult, these paper plate crafts will help the days pass quickly while keeping your children entertained.

With a little paint, some markers, colored paper, glue, tape, and more, your kids can enjoy a fun afternoon crafting and being creative.

We found some of the best ideas for crafts your kids can do with paper plates to give your family some inspiration!

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Kids Crafts Made From Paper Plates

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