15 Adorable Ideas for Fairy Gardens

If you want to make a fairy garden or fairy houses, here are some cute ideas! You will love these fairy garden ideas, many of them are DIY!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some ideas for fairy gardens!

Our kids love gardening and nature. When our oldest turned eight years old, a friend gifted her a fairy garden. She had so much fun setting it up, planting the grass, and playing with the pieces.

I’ve always loved fairy gardens, ever since I was a child, but they seem like such an expensive hobby. Lately I’ve been finding great deals for them in our Amazon deals Facebook group, and I want to create one for our garden outside.

I love the whimsical nature that accompanies fairy gardens. Even thought our children are realistic (they know Santa isn’t real, for example), they have extremely vivid imaginations that make pretending just as fun as actual believing.

There are so many wonderful ideas for fairy gardens out there! I’ve collected some of my favorite from around the web for you to check out. As you make your own, you can include some of these 10 flowers to grow with kids.

And once you’ve set up your fairy garden, you can then continue to add to it whenever youwant, like with these adorable make mushrooms for your fairy garden!

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Fairy Garden Ideas

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