50 Patriotic Decor Ideas

50 Patriotic 4th of July Decor Ideas

Facebook Pinterest Email Links on this website may be affiliate links.  We are an Amazon affiliate, which means we will receive a small compensation for each purchase you make through our links at no extra cost to you.  Are you looking to decorate for a patriotic party?  Whether it’s 4th of July, Memorial Day, or…

Links on this website may be affiliate links.  We are an Amazon affiliate, which means we will receive a small compensation for each purchase you make through our links at no extra cost to you. 

Are you looking to decorate for a patriotic party?  Whether it’s 4th of July, Memorial Day, or another red, white, and blue holiday, these are the patriotic decor ideas you’re looking for!

This list has wreaths, DIY crafts, and frugal decor for any patriotic gathering you’re hosting.

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50 Patriotic 4th of July Decor Ideas

Rustic American Flag Pallet DIY

Making an American flag pallet is nothing new.  This is a simple method to make a perfect rustic American flag pallet to decorate for Independence Day!

DIY T-Shirt 4th of July Wreath

Have old tees laying around?  Learn how to make an easy DIY Upcycled T-Shirt 4th of July Wreath in minutes! It’s a great patriotic decor idea!

Fourth of July Candy Dish

Are you lacking in patriotic decor? This Fourth of July candy dish is perfect – frugal supplies and simple to make!

Firecracker Candles

Make firecracker candles for Fourth of July using dollar store votives, napkins, and Mod Podge. These are so easy and inexpensive!

4th of July Duct Tape Wreath

Learn how to make the EASIEST Fourth of July wreath using duct tape! It’s so simple that even a kid can do it.

Easy Firecracker 4th of July Wreath

Looking for patriotic inspiration? Make this “firecracker” themed Fourth of July wreath in 15 minutes flat! It’s really easy and anyone can do it.

Easy DIY Patriotic Decor Food Label Holders

Throwing a last-minute party for Memorial Day or the 4th of July?  Add some red, white, and blue stars and stripes your table with these easy DIY food label holders!

DIY American Flag and Canvas

Make unique and EASY American flag canvas art with fabric and Mod Podge! Perfect for the 4th or for just showing off your USA pride.

Patriotic Decor Pinwheel Wreath

This frugal patriotic pinwheel wreath can be made with items from the dollar store!  The pinwheels make it a perfect decoration for Memorial Day or Inependence Day.

Simple Patriotic Wreath

Add some red, white, and blue to your front door with this easy DIY patriotic wreath!  At only $5 for supplies, it’s a perfect way to decorate for the 4th of July while on a budget.

4th of July Porch Signs

These cute 4th of July porch signs are the perfect addition to the patriotic decor on the front of your house!

American Flag Door Decor

This front door display is a cute arrangement of American flags in a basket.  It’s a simple way to at a patriotic feel to your home.

DIY Tea-Stained Vintage American Flags

Do you want your American flags to look vintage for your Memorial Day or 4th of July centerpieces?  This simple trick will give a vintage appearance to each flag!

Handpainted Vintage American Flag Tray

No 4th of July BBQ would be complete without this Stars and Stripes Vintage American Flag Tray!  Place your appetizers and condiments on this patriotic serving tray.

Stars & Stripes Patriotic Bunting

This is DIY stars and stripes patriotic bunting is a simple, frugal project that’s easy to copy.

DIY American Flag Pillow

This American flag pillow is an easy sewing project!  All you need to know how to do is sew in straight lines!

Patriotic Decor Denim and Burlap Placemats

What better way to celebrate all things red, white and blue than with an all-American cookout and patriotic no-sew denim and burlap placemats?

Patriotic Decor Nautical Flags

Stars and stripes meet sand and surf with these patriotic nautical flags that are great for July 4th or all summer long!

Patriotic Decor Firecrackers & Ribbon Bunting

These easy patriotic firecrackers are made using empty toilet paper rolls! Attach them to some ribbon and you have a festive strand of garland for Memorial Day or the 4th of July!

Handpainted Betsy Ross Flag Chair

Add some patriotic history to your front porch with this Betsy Ross-inspired flag chair!  It’s a great way to repurpose an old chair you have lying around into seating for your Independence Day guests.

Frugal Patriotic Mantel Decor Idea

If you love the look of patriotic swags then you are gonna love this DIY idea for decorating your mantel on a budget!

4th of July DIY Terra Cotta Pots

Let’s make these 4th of July DIY terra cotta pot ideas to celebrate freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Easy and Fast Patriotic Pillows

Make these two cute, red, white and blue, striped patriotic pillow covers for less than $5 and in less than five minutes each!

Easy-to-Make Patriotic Decor Bunting

Decorate your front porch or mantelpiece for the 4th of July with this DIY patriotic bunting!

Easy Dollar Store Fourth of July Art

This is a very simple DIY Fourth of July Art project that you can seriously put together in 15 minutes flat!

Quick and Easy Patriotic Decor Wreath Idea

This is probably one of the quickest, easiest, least expensive tutorials on making a patriotic wreath that you’ll  ever see!

DIY Patriotic Decor Votives

Are you looking for simple 4th of July decorations that are low on cost and big on style? These DIY patriotic votives are the perfect project!

Star Shaped Coasters

Are you in the mood for some 4th of July crafting? These star coasters add a patriotic twist to a standard craft project.

American Flag Wine Cork Upcycle Craft

It doesn’t get any more patriotic than the American flag, and this wine cork upcycle craft is not only too stinkin cute, but easy to make, and easy on the environment! It’s time to get ready for Memorial Day and the 4th of July!

All American Patriotic Porch Decor Ideas

What better way to celebrate our Nation’s independence than with patriotic decorations on the front porch.  Here are five great decorating ideas that will have you seeing stars and stripes forever.

Patriotic Prairie Point Star Ornaments

Are you looking for something new to add to your Memorial Day or 4th of July decor? These Patriotic Prairie Point Star Ornaments will look beautiful hung in your windows or other places around the house.

Quick 4th of July Patriotic Decor Idea

Need a super quick 4th of July decoration?  This centerpiece only needs some rice and food coloring to get a perfect red, white, and blue stand for your flag!

4th of July Firecracker Centerpiece

This firework-inspired DIY centerpiece is a must-have for your 4th of July party!

Fourth of July Beach Inspired Flag DIY

This Fourth of July Beach Inspired Flag DIY is my favorite!  It’s nautical, natural and patriotic all in one – it brings the beach to your Memorial Day or Independence Day festivities.

Patriotic Wreath from Bandanas

You can make this simple and quick patriotic wreath from bandanas with just two supplies and in just 15 minutes!

Americana No-Sew Garland

This quick, cheap and easy Americana banner is a patriotic garland that was made from items at the Target Dollar Spot!

Funky Fourth of July Sign

Learn how to create a funky yet festive Fourth of July sign using the reverse canvas method!  You can even snag the FREE cut file to make one of your own!

4th of July Patriotic Bandana Wreath

Are you finished with your 4th of July decorating? This bandana wreath will definitely add to your patriotic decor.

Patriotic Pool Noodle Wreath

Looking for a frugal DIY wreath for the 4th of July and Memorial Day?  This wreath is simple and can be made for less than $5 with items from the dollar store!

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger

This classy DIY door hanger of the United States of American can be used to decorate your front porch all summer: May through July!

All-American Upcycled Can

Repurpose an old food container and turn it into this cute all-American canister that can be used to hold straws, utensils, or pens. It’s a great patriotic decor idea!

Independence Day Farmhouse Mason Jars

Check out these adorable rustic Farmhouse Independence Day mason jars!  You could use them for utensils, candles, or simply on their own to add a nice touch to your patriotic decor.

Independence Day Farmhouse Garland

What a great quick tutorial on how to make a farmhouse garland for Independence Day! The best thing about this garland is that you don’t have to only use it once a year as a decoration for July 4th. It can be used with your Farmhouse decor all year around.

Star-Shaped 4th of July Wreath

This adorable 4th of July wreath tutorial is so simple to make! You will be amazed at what you can do with crepe paper. The red, white and blue look so festive!

Easy 4th of July Centerpiece

This simple Fourth of July table centerpiece is an extremely frugal way to decorate for your patriotic event!  The entire thing cost only $6 to make!

Diy Patriotic Fan Blade Sign

Check out this adorable DIY patriotic sign that’s made out of a fan blade!  It’s a perfect way to upcycle an old ceiling fan, and it works well with rustic Independence Day decor.

Easy American Flag DIY Lanterns

These American flag DIY lanterns are perfect for the 4th of July or Memorial Day! This project is super simple and inexpensive. Make these mason jar lanterns in just a few minutes.

DIY Patriotic Dessert Stand

It’s easy to make a patriotic DIY dessert stand using a coffee can!  Budget friendly, and easy to clean!

Patriotic Pom Pom Eagle Garland

Make this fun & festive Pom Pom Bald Eagle 4th of July Garland for your summer patriotic party!

Patriotic Mason Jar Decor Lanterns

Add a gorgeous glow to your Memorial Day or 4th of July celebrations with these fun and easy patriotic kid-made mason jar lanterns!

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