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39 DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

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Here is a roundup of adorable DIY Christmas ornaments that kids can make! Your children will love making these Christmas crafts with you.

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One of our family’s favorite holiday traditions is to collect Christmas ornaments that represent our family vacations.  Every time we go on a trip, we purchase an ornament that embodies where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

Our goal is to make our Christmas tree decorating meaningful.  We can relive those vacations and share our memories with each other as we open each one and decorate our tree.

The kids love making their own decorations as well!  When we have homemade ornaments, it shows each child’s stage of life.  They represent the child’s current likes and personality.  Our tree becomes a time capsule of love, memories, and family.

To help you create your own time capsule, here are 39 DIY Christmas ornaments that are easy enough for your children to make with you!  They’ll love seeing their handiwork on the tree, and it will become a cherished family memory to carry throughout the years.

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Salt Dough Gingerbread Ornaments

Create memories while making these gingerbread ornaments with your kids. Made with cinnamon salt dough, they not only look like real gingerbread, they smell nice too.

Are you throwing a Christmas party this year? Here are 34 festive finger foods for kids!

Kate Spade DIY Christmas Ornament

At $30 each, these Kate Spade Christmas ornaments are too fabulous for words. At next to nothing, the DIY is even better!

Making Christmas cookies is a favorite holiday tradition, especially for children. Here are 13 cute Christmas cookies that kids can make!

Kid’s Fingerprint Ornament

This Fingerprint Christmas Light Ornament is a traditionally favorite DIY ornaments for kids to make around the holidays. It’s an easy keepsake that you’ll cherish year after year!

Make Christmas crafts as a family with these 17 simple Christmas crafts for kids!

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Salt dough ornaments are the perfect Christmas craft and activity to do with your kids.  All of these salt dough ornaments make perfect gifts for kids to help make too! Make them to give to grandparents or simply make as an activity and hang them on your tree.

DIY Cat Food Can Christmas Ornament

If you have a pet, your furbaby is a huge part of your family. You take care of and spoil your pet, just like you do your family. Especially this time of year.  So of course, that carries through to Christmas.   Turn a cat food cans into a DIY cat food can Christmas ornament for your cat!

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

All you need is 2 ingredients to make these super simple and easy Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments! A great DIY holiday craft or fun Christmas gift for both kids and adults to make and customize!

Easy No-Sew Felt Christmas Ornament Penguin

This No-Sew Felt Christmas Ornament Penguin is absolutely adorable, and so easy to make! With the Free Printable Pattern you can make a whole family of penguins to hang on your Christmas tree! All you need is some felt, glue and a piece of ribbon!

Rainbow Fish Craft Ornament for Kids

This fun Christmas craft is what creative kids crafts are all about. It gives children a chance to make an adorable children’s book character and add details and colors as they see fit.

Help your child understand the spirit of gift-giving with these 19 easy Christmas gifts that kids can make themselves!

Natural Christmas Ornaments: DIY Twig Tree

Get started on this twig tree natural Christmas ornaments craft!  It’s a fairly simple craft to put together –love that! Better yet, it only takes a few supplies to make it with the main one being found in nature – love that more!

Easy and Adorable Snowman Tealight Ornaments

This Christmas craft literally only takes minutes to make and costs just a few dollars!  Here’s everything you need to make these adorable Snowman Tealight Ornaments!

Hot Chocolate Ornaments

These hot chocolate ornaments are so much fun (and easy!) to craft that you can make them look beautiful even if the crafting gene wasn’t passed down to you.  The kids will want to help, too.

Enjoy Christmas break with these free educational Christmas printables and games for kids!

Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

These adorable wine cork Christmas ornaments that you can add to your list of fun this year!  If you don’t drink wine (like us at Saving Talents), you can get some from your neighbors or purchase them online for not much.  Making these wine cork Christmas ornaments will be a memorable experience for you and your kids this holiday season.

DIY Scrabble Tile Ornament

Cute, spirited and perfect for anyone in your life with a special name (like a term of endearment for Grandma, etc) the DIY Scrabble Tile Ornament is a simple craft that you can keep for yourself or gift to someone else.

DIY Jack Skellington Ornaments

Who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas?   Make your own easy DIY Jack Skellington ornaments from the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Want to add more meaning to your Christmas holiday? Don’t miss any of our Christmas posts!

Spice Filled Ornaments DIY

Happy Holidays! Here is the simplest of DIY’s that’s oh so perfect for a stylish tree. It’s a Spice Filled Ornament DIY and it’s so fun to make.

The are gorgeous and smell fantastic! It’s a great addition to any tree with holiday lights. The warmth of the bulbs help to release the scent of the herbs.  You can make them your way with any kind of spices. Here’s how simple, fun, and gorgeous they are to make!

DIY Santa Belly Christmas Tree Ornament

Invited to an ornament exchange party?  Here is a fun and easy ornament to make to exchange.  The kids will love helping you make them!  They’re a great craft to get into the holiday spirit.

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

DIY Christmas Glitter Bulb Ornaments

‘Tis the season for some fun ornament crafting. Once you finish your holiday cooking, you can start on this darling Glitter Blub Ornament. This one is very easy so perfect for kids to make their own. Just beware of glitter getting everywhere!

Merry Minecraft: DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a sparkly Minecraft creeper ornament nestled in your Christmas tree. What? It’s doesn’t? Shhhhh, don’t tell the kids!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Kids DIY Pom Pom Christmas Ornament

Are you ready for an incredibly easy Christmas craft project for kids to make!? Well, then you are in the right place. This Kids Pom Pom Christmas Ornament, made with supplies from Dollar Tree, is the perfect Christmas craft for little hands!

It would look cute hanging on your tree or would make great gifts for teachers during the holidays.  These would also be a great project for Scouts or church groups since the cost is low and most kids will be able to make them.

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

How to Make Dried Citrus Christmas Ornaments

These dried orange slices with star anise make the prettiest, natural and fragrant DIY Christmas ornaments for your tree! They’re so simple to make and look like glowing, stained-glass windows!  All you need is 5 oranges, star anise, a needle and thread and a few hours of your time.

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree Ornament

Remember your favorite beach vacation every holiday season with these DIY driftwood Christmas tree ornaments!  These driftwood Christmas tree ornaments will give your holiday decor a coastal feel, and make great Christmas gifts too!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

DIY Kids Christmas Decorations Wooden Slice Doe Ornaments

Look at these super cute Woodland Doe Wood Slice Christmas decoration idea for you to try with your kids!  These are really easy to make, and they are quite budget friendly.

Funky Christmas Tree Decorations

One of the best and favorite things about Christmas is putting up the Christmas Tree.  Check out these super cute Christmas Tree decorations which are simple easy and so fun to make!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Santa Salt Dough Kids DIY Handprint Ornaments

Santa salt dough handprint ornaments are the perfect Christmas craft for kids! Making Christmas salt dough ornaments couldn’t be easier using our easy salt dough recipe and these salt dough santa handprint ornaments make adorable Christmas keepsakes to bring out year after year.

Homemade DIY Kids Clay Mitten Christmas Ornaments

If you like making homemade ornaments you are going to love these mitten ornaments made from homemade clay. This homemade clay recipe is amazing as the clay is bright white, is made from just 3 ingredients and you can easily draw on it once dry!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

DIY Pokeball Pokemon Go Kids Christmas Ornaments

Pokemon Go Christmas Ornaments are a top homemade Christmas ornament to make for kids this year. Sit down and have a craft day, and create Pokemon Christmas Ornaments that will be fun to hang on your Christmas Tree.

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

DIY Toy Soldier Christmas Decoration

One of the best Christmas stories is that of the Nutcracker.  Make these adorable and fun DIY toy soldier Christmas decorations to bring the story to your children and your tree.  They’re simple and inexpensive to make!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

How to Make a Snowflake Ornament

Are you looking for a great way to keep you children entertained without spending a fortune? Watch the video and go through the photo tutorial to learn how to make a paper snowflake, then decorate your tree with them!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Angel Clothespin Ornament DIY

These simple to make angel ornaments are a whimsical, rustic craft nearly anyone can make. This fast craft can be customized to match your holiday decor. If you are looking for an easy to make ornament craft, this Angel Clothespin Ornament DIY is it!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Easy Reindeer Ornament and Christmas Craft

Christmas time is a fun opportunity for little craft projects and handmade ornaments with kids. This reindeer ornament may start recycling bin but can come to life with a few little additions!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

DIY Christmas Paper Ornament

This simple ornament craft. It’s a fun way to use leftover Christmas wrapping paper. Kids will be able to help with this project too. These paper trees are so cute not only on the tree, but attached to your holiday packages.

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Easy DIY Pine Cone Pom Pom Ornaments

Here’s an easy peasy craft for the holidays. Your little ones will love creating these pine cone pom pom ornaments. An adult will need to help with the hot glue, but otherwise, this is a child-friendly project.  You can even get creative, and use colors other than red and green–like your favorite sports team’s colors! Have fun!

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament

If you are obsessed with unicorn crafts, it only makes sense to carry that obsession over into Christmas!  This easy unicorn DIY project lets you turn a humble wood slice into a unicorn Christmas ornament.

This unicorn craft is super easy and perfect for kids to make. You could even personalize the unicorns by painting the back and then writing the creator’s name (or a gift recipient’s name).  You can make your own wood cookies from trees that fall down during storms or buy them online.

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Lego Christmas Tree Ornament

If you have a LEGO lover in your house, you probably have a whole bin full (or a floor full?) of LEGOs that you can use to build your own DIY ornaments!

LEGO Christmas ornaments are fun and eco friendly because after Christmas, you can take them apart you can keep using them the rest of the year – unlike the glass balls that take up space in your garage or attic 11 months out of the year.

Easy Wood Ornaments to Make with Kids

Kid-made ornaments are like mini time capsules that bring you back to a snapshot in time.   These Wood Ornaments are easy enough that any baby big enough to scribble with crayons can make them but big kids will still have fun, too.

Make a few for your tree but don’t forget the grandparents – they will love these sweet little scribbly ornaments, as well!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Simple Nativity Ornament Craft for Kids

Simple & cute Nativity Ornaments that are great for kids to make.  These are perfect to use for Sunday School and for teaching about the real reason of Christmas (especially if you don’t do Santa).

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Gingerbread House Ornaments

You won’t believe how easy it is to transform mini terra cotta pots into these absolutely adorable gingerbread house ornaments!  They are so fun to make – the clay pots act as a mini canvas to create a colorful gingerbread house scene that kids can customize any way they like.

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments are a fun tradition to make with your kids during the holidays!  Just an FYI (an important one!) these are made from food ingredients, but please do not eat them!

DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

Mason Jar Ring Wreath

This year, instead of buying an expensive ornament try making one instead.  Learn how to make this Twine wrapped Wreath ornament that is made with the ring from a mason jar lid.  Simple and rustic ornaments can dress up a country Christmas tree or add whimsy to a slightly more formal one.

What is more rustic than mason jar lids, twine, and buttons? Add a pretty wired ribbon bow to match your decor. Don’t just stop at the tree add one of these to a gift wrapped in brown paper with a twine ribbon to make it rival the prettiest of department store wrapped packages.

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DIY Christmas Ornaments kids
39 DIY Christmas ornaments kids can make

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