DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

Here is a roundup of adorable DIY Christmas ornaments that kids can make! Your children will love making these Christmas crafts with you.

One of our family’s favorite holiday traditions is to collect Christmas ornaments that represent our family vacations.  Every time we go on a trip, we purchase an ornament that embodies where we’ve been and what we’ve done. We also love making DIY Christmas ornaments with the kids.

Our goal is to make our Christmas tree decorating meaningful.  We can relive those vacations and share our memories with each other as we open each one and decorate our tree.

The kids love making their own decorations as well!  When we have homemade ornaments, it shows each child’s stage of life.  They represent the child’s current likes and personality.  Our tree becomes a time capsule of love, memories, and family.

To help you create your own time capsule, here are 39 DIY Christmas ornaments that are easy enough for your children to make with you!  They’ll love seeing their handiwork on the tree, and it will become a cherished family memory to carry throughout the years.

DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

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DIY Christmas Ornaments kids

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