Easy DIY Rasied Garden Beds

for any size

If you're planning a garden this spring, then you'll love these easy DIY raised garden beds! They're simple and affordable, and weeding is much easier!

You could totally make these easy raised garden beds yourself - and the best part is, they can be made to fit any size yard!

These garden beds are made with 2x6 boards.  You just need to cut them to the length you want for the length and width of your garden beds, then decide how high you want to stack them.

Choose the size garden bed you want

At each corner of your garden bed, you'll need these planter wall blocks.  These keep your garden beds together at the corners.  Swipe up to find out where to get them!

Buy Your Supplies

Once you've put together your garden beds, you'll need to fill them with the right kind of soil for the plants you're growing.  Don't forget to add in some fertilizer and compost!

Fill the garden beds with dirt.

Whether you're growing vegetables or flowers, plant your seeds and enjoy watching your plants grow!

Plant your seeds

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