DIY LEGO Table Organization IKEA Hack

Get your LEGOs organized with this easy DIY IKEA Lego Table hack! It comes with free printable LEGO drawer labels for easier organization.

Hey everyone, it’s Phillip.

I love a good DIY IKEA hack (like my IKEA bookshelves that look built-in), and this LEGO organization is no exception!

One of our goals this last year was to have a no-cost Christmas by purchasing things for the kids with gift cards we saved up through the year.

Something we did not foresee was the generous hand-me-downs of a friend/neighbor whose oldest son had outgrown many of his toys, including LEGOs! We were excited, because we know about the many benefits of legos.

lego organization

We already had several LEGO sets and miscellaneous pieces that I got from my parent’s house last time we visited them. With this addition of literally hundreds (if not thousands) of LEGO pieces, we knew we needed find a way to organize them.

After spending a lot of time on Pinterest, Tiffany sent me several ideas that helped me come up with this easy DIY LEGO table made from IKEA parts. It turned out great!

Now the kids have plenty of space to do these fun LEGO activities.

lego organization

Building the LEGO Table from IKEA Items

Our favorite LEGO table we found on Pinterest was this one, but it’s a little bigger than we want for right now.

Instead, we decided to use the same Trofast storage system and get three to line up against the wall. Then if we decide to expand, we’ll only need to buy a fourth to complete it as opposed to having to start all over again.

We chose the white instead of the natural wood because reviews said the natural drawers don’t stay in very well.

There are different sizes of bins you can purchase. We decided to purchase two that had 9 drawers and one that had 6 drawers. Those three larger drawers are perfect for storing large base plates.

I plan on permanently attaching some base plates. Also, I want to put a little lip/trim around the edges so the LEGOs don’t fall off behind. I’ll udpate this post once I’ve done that!

LEGO Table Organization

We organize our LEGOs by color. This makes it easier to put away. Before, the kids were just dumping the LEGOs all out in search of their favorite pieces.

DIY ikea table hack

Tiffany made these free printable LEGO labels to go on the drawers. You can print them out on paper, or you can print them on these Avery labels.

DIY ikea lego table hack

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