40 Tin Foil Dinners That Are Perfect For Camping

One of the best parts of camping is tin foil dinners!

As a kid, I loved going camping with my family and church group. Tin foil dinners were a huge part of that. I loved being able to customize my meal how I wanted, and it definitely beats plain hot dogs!

Going camping is one of our family’s favorite staycation activities. It’s low-cost (especially when you can find good deals on camping equipment), and it creates so many memories. Some of my best recollections from when I was a child were on camping trips with my family.

If you camp a lot, however, some of your meals might start to get boring and repetitive, even tin foil ones. So we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite tin foil recipes around the web. Or if you’ve taken along a grill, you can give these grilling recipes a try!

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Tin Foil Dinners

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