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Easy Tater Tot Casserole Recipe (with freezer option)

Your family will love this easy recipe for tater tot casserole with ground beef! It’s the perfect dinner (or even breakfast) to serve to children or guests, and you can even use it as a make-ahead freezer meal.

Free Printable Reading Charts for Kids (Month by Month)

Are your kids tracking their reading for Pizza Hut’s Book-it program, a library reading program, or are they just wanting to improve their reading? Reward your child for reading with these free monthly printable reading charts for kids. …
What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings

What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings

There will always be hurt feelings in a marriage, whether coming from a fight or argument, or even just on accident when a husband or wife says or does something inadvertently. Here is the correct way to handle the situation…
5 Simple Debt Payoff Tips

5 Simple Debt Payoff Tips

We’ve been there – student loans, car payment, mortgage, credit card, medical expenses, etc. All of those payments can make you feel like you’re drowning in bills. Here are five simple debt payoff tips to help you eliminate your…

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kids-wearing-boots-7 Tips to Live Frugally With 7 Kids

7 Creative Ways To Be Frugal With Lots of Kids

Here are seven tips on how to live frugally with a large family! Learn how to be frugal with lots of kids using these tips and tricks to help your family save money on groceries and more.