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35 Books to Teach Children About Racism and Diversity

35 Books to Teach Kids About Racism and Diversity

Help your children understand current events like race and diversity with this list of 35 books about racism and diversity. These books on racism and diversity for kids were all recommended by people of color as accurate and useful ways to raise children without prejudice or bias based on skin color.
Etiquette 911: Fun Bridal Shower Game

Bridal Shower Game: Etiquette 911

Play this fun game at the next bridal shower you host! Etiquette 911 is a bridal shower game that is similar to Apples to Apples, only with hilarious “what-ifs” that need to be handled or else the wedding will be ruined! No bridal shower is complete without laughter, and this game will be enjoyable for all the guests.

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