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Free Easy Budget

Free Easy Printable Budget

This free printable for the world’s easiest budget is the best way to get your finances set up. It’s a simple budget that can be customized for any age or any income level.
What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings

What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings

There will always be hurt feelings in a marriage, whether coming from a fight or argument, or even just on accident when a husband or wife says or does something inadvertently. Here is the correct way to handle the situation when your spouse hurts your feelings.
6 Ways to Feel Like a Good Mom Even When You're Sick

6 Ways to Feel Like a Good Mom Even When You’re Sick

If you are a mom who is down with a chronic illness, or even just having a sick day, it can be difficult to feel like a good mother when you have children who need attention. Here are six ways you can still feel like a good mom in spite of your health problems.

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5 Stages of Grief With a Chronic Illness Diagnosis

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness like an autoimmune disease, or disease that does not have an effective treatment, it can be devastating. Many people will cycle through the five stages of grief repeatedly after their chronic illness diagnosis as they mourn the loss of their healthy selves, but you can gain strength through understanding the process.
7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Here are seven simple steps to financial freedom based on the teachings of Dave Ramsey, a renowned authority on money and finances. These steps will help you get out of debt, build a savings account, pay off your mortgage, plan for retirement, and be prepared for any emergency. Live a frugal and thrifty lifestyle with these tips and tricks to become free finanacially.

Recipes for an Electric Smoker

Check out this roundup of delicious recipes for an electric smoker! Your mouth will water with these meals made on a smoker.