34 Engaging Mason Jar Crafts for Kids That Spark Creativity

Mason jar crafts for kids are one of the best indoor activities you can do with your children. There are some days when you just require them to keep busy in the house.

Add some pizzazz to your desk with these adorable homemade painted Back to School Mason Jars. These DIY paint mason jars are a great way to add a playful touch to your desk and make a fun teacher appreciation gift!

DIY Painted Back to School Mason Jars

DIY Pastel Chalk Mason Jars

Brighten up your home with these easy DIY pastel chalk mason jars! These adorable jars are a great craft for beginners but can be enjoyed by even experienced crafters.

This DIY mason jar night light can be made on a budget – and your kids will love it. The glitter is so sparkly and fun for nighttime!

Make a Mason Jar Night Light in Three Easy Steps

This super cute DIY mason jar unicorn craft is so much fun! It only takes about 30 minutes, and it's easy enough you can make it with your kids!

Cute DIY Mason Jar Unicorn Craft

Get your kids involved in the fun of crafting these holders, ideal for picnics on sunny days or laid-back evenings on the back porch.

Summer Silverware Holders using Mason Jars

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