7 Ways to Homeschool on a Budget

Are you homeschooling your kids? Here are 7 ways to homeschool on a budget. Save money and live frugally while homeschooling.

Libraries often have quarterly, or even yearly, sales where surplus books are sold and the proceeds are used to purchase new releases.

Library Sales to Homeschool on a Budget

This store sells used books, many from school libraries. They’re sold at a much lower cost than used books are on Amazon or even Half Price Books.

Thrift Books

We buy year-long memberships to our favorite places, but there are always a few that we really only want to try once or twice. This is where Groupon is really useful.

Groupon Field Trips

You do not need to necessarily participate in everything offered by local homeschool groups, but at the end of school year, many of them sell items that they no longer need.

Join Co-ops and Homeschool Groups

If your student is struggling in a certain area, or there is an item that you tend to need a lot of, most dollar stores will have inexpensive workbooks and school supplies you can purchase in bulk.

Dollar Store

Many homeschool programs are free or significantly discounted. We use Pinterest searches to help us find different activities, programs, and curriculums that are offered for free.

Find Free or Discounted Curriculum

Since you are homeschooling instead of sending your children to public schools, you have the luxury of waiting a few weeks after the school year to replenish your school supplies.

Shop Back-to-School Clearance

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