How to Teach Your Kid to Swim Without Swimming Lessons

Want to teach your kid how to swim without paying for expensive swimming lessons? Here’s how to develop your child’s swimming skills without swim lessons!

Cuing is using a set of words over and over to associate a word with an action or reaction. In this case, this cue is going to tell your child that their face is about to get wet and they need to hold their breath.

Practice Cuing

Practice getting OUT!

Take them to any area of the pool where they could potentially get out, and practice there. Ramps, ladders, steps, and the side are all good places to practice.

To teach your child to swim, first teach your child to HUM—mouth closed and noise coming out of their mouth. (This is another great one for bath time.)

Breathing Practice

If you want to do a front float, tucking your chin and putting your face parallel to the floor of the pool will right away start to lift your feet!

Basic Front Floating

The basics to remember: - Straight legs (not riding a bicycle!) - Pointed toes (like a dancer) - Feet just under the surface of the water

Learning to Kick

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