10 Tips for How to Take a Road Trip With Kids by Yourself

If you are going on a road trip with kids by yourself, then you will need these tips and tricks to have an easy journey with the children – especially if you’re going by yourself!

Dividing the kids’ snacks into small coolers and individual sandwich bags ensured that they had easy access to nutritious options without the hassle of sorting through a communal stash of plastic bags.

Organize, organize, organize

Get some variety

Instead of special treats, I relied on interactive games, storytelling, screen time, and even educational activities to maintain their excitement throughout the journey.

I planned where we would stop to eat, where to stop for gas, and what hotels we were going to stay at, having a plan ahead helped me not feel stressed.

Map it out

One thing that helped a lot was to put my 4 year old in a Pull-Up.  This way, each time she said she needed to use the restroom, there was no fear of an accident.

Speaking of bathrooms

Short of a reaching stick, try this great idea of attaching favorite toys and snacks to the armrest or car seat with a small bungee cord or similar tie.

Get a reaching stick

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