13 Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Yard and Porch

Have a spooky front porch this year with 13 fun outdoor Halloween decor ideas!

Or do you want something silly for your yard? Either way, get inspired by these 13 Halloween outdoor decor ideas!

DIY Halloween Street Sign

This tutorial shows you how to make an outdoor Halloween decor street sign with pallet wood. When Halloween is over, you can make one for fall!

Photo: delicioustable.com

Squashed Witch for Halloween

Ding dong the witch is dead! Squash a witch under your house this Halloween with this simple outdoor Halloween decor.

Photo: www.thepurplepumpkinblog.co.uk

DIY Halloween Tipsy Pot Planter

Halloween season is in full swing and if you haven’t started decorating, this outdoor Halloween decor tipsy pot planter is a must - it only takes half an hour to make!

Photo: bathtubringsandartsythings.com

Paper Pumpkin Craft

This paper-based craft allows you to construct your own pumpkins using just colored paper, scissors, and a few other basics for a cute, happy fall decor item for your home.

Photo: annsentitledlife.com

DIY WICKED Witch Hand Painted Sign

This DIY wicked witch hand painted sign decor is perfect for your outdoor Halloween decorating and all things WICKED!  It's super simple, too!

Photo: meandmyinklings.com

Repurposed Wood Shutters Halloween Sign

These DIY outdoor Halloween decorations make a large impact in a charmingly rustic style. And they’re exactly what your front porch needs for Halloween!

Photo: organized31.com

DIY Halloween Ornament Wreath

Here’s a DIY outdoor Halloween decor ornament wreath that is just boo-tiful! It’s super Halloweeny without being too scary or creepy.

Photo: wherethesmileshavebeen.com

Spooky Spider Faux Rock Craft

This spider is a simple outdoor Halloween decor DIY to do with your kids that they’ll absolutely love. And it doesn’t take much time – you could finish it in a single afternoon!

Photo: bitzngiggles.com