35 Children's Books About Race & Diversity

Help kids understand race and diversity with these children's books. These books were recommmended by BIPOC as accurate and useful tools to raise children without prejudice or bias based on color of skin.

Separate is Never Equal

Almost 10 years before Brown v. Board of Education, Sylvia Mendez (an American citizen of Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage) and her parents helped end school segregation in California.

Something Happened in Our Town

This book follows two families — one white, one Black — as they discuss a police shooting of a Black man in their community.  The aim is to help children identify and counter racial injustice in their own lives.

Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up

This picture book is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the momentous Woolworth’s lunch counter sit-in, when four college students staged a peaceful protest.

Not Quite Snow White

Tameika is a girl who belongs on the stage. So when her school announces their Snow White musical, Tameika auditions for the lead princess role... but other kids think she's not "quite right."

Teach Your Dragon About Diversity

Having a pet dragon is very fun. But what if your dragon is sad because he is DIFFERENT from his friends?  What if he feel bad that his skin is red, and he’s worried that none of his friend has wings, tails and scales like him?

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