Christmas Gifts That Aren’t Toys from Grandparents

Is your house being overrun by Christmas presents that are toys?  Are you tired of the grandparents always giving your kids too many toys each year? Here are some meaningful gifts that aren’t toys that your children should be receiving this Christmas!

– A non toy gift that keeps on giving—memories and learning experiences as a family. – Bonus if the giver joins in for some quality family time!

Family Memberships to Museums or the Zoo

– Treat them to their favorite meals with gift cards to places like McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A. – Let them pick out their own food and splurge on kids meals, shakes, and dessert.

Gift Cards to Kid-Friendly Restaurants

– Kids love a heartfelt creation, be it a knitted scarf, a scrapbook, or homemade cookies. – Because handmade non toy gifts carry a special touch of love.

Something Homemade

– Laser tag, mini-golf, or even kid-friendly mani-pedis add a touch of grown-up fun. – These best non-toy gift experiences bring excitement and adventure.

Certificates for “Big Kid” Activities

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