The Most Important Marriage Advice You Will Ever Hear

If you are newly married, recently engaged, or have been been married for a long time, this is the most important marriage advice you will ever hear.

“Tiffany, it is not your job to train your husband in anything.  That is the Lord’s responsibility.

Important marriage advice: “It isn’t your job”

Your husband is going to go out into the world, and the world will teach him some very difficult lessons because he isn’t perfect.

He will mess up. Your job is not to teach him.  Instead, let the Lord teach him through the world.

When the world is showing your husband all his shortcomings and failings, you need to be a safe place for your husband to come back and work on those things.

“Don’t try to teach your husband; be a refuge for him to go to when the Lord is teaching him and he needs to work on it in safety and love.”

Even when it’s something that’s a bigger problem than forgetting the garbage, I try to focus on what the purpose of the family is.

The purpose of families

Our sacred responsibility

He pleads with us to guard their hearts, to nourish their souls.  We are the most important person in our spouse’s life.

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