Tips For Keeping Children Safe from Predators And Signs of Abuse to Look Out For

Here are several ideas on keeping your children safe from predators, as well as warning signs of abuse to look out for. 

In close to 90% of reported cases of abuse, the child involved already knew the person who abused them.

Keep kids safe from predators around everyone, even if you trust them

Use appropriate words with your kids to keep them safe from predators

Believe it or not, having “special” words for body parts is something that abusers look for. It shows the predator that the child has parents who are uncomfortable speaking about sex or the body.

One of the biggest ways to keep your children safe is to speak with them frequently. Don’t simply ask how an activity went, but ask more specific questions.

Speak with your child frequently to help keep them safe from predators

A surprise is something fun, like a birthday present. A secret implies that protecting it will always remain just between the two people, and that is not okay.

Take the time to talk about the difference between secrets and surprises

There are so many situations that seem innocent but can easily be an opportunity for an abuser or perpetrator to take advantage.

Avoid dangerous situations

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