6 Ways to Start Preparing Financially For Christmas NOW

Here are simple ways to start preparing financially  for Christmas now. Don’t go into debt during the holiday season – you  can get ready for presents and Christmas day all year long!

One of the most dreaded things about Christmas and other holidays at that time of year (other than your in-laws coming to visit) is trying to do your holiday shopping.

I am going to give you simple ways that you can start getting ready now for the holidays!  They’re stressful enough without the dread of going into debt for a toy that will never be played with again!

This way you’re financially prepared when Christmas comes – you only have a few things to get.

Start Gift Shopping in August

Set aside an envelope, or even just a place in your budget, to save $50 per month.

Start Saving Now to Prepare Financially for Christmas

As my children outgrow toys and clothes, we re-sell them on Facebook groups for our geographical area.

Sell Current Toys

There are so many ways to earn gift cards for Amazon, Target, and other stores that are easy to do!

Supplement with Gift Cards to be Financially Prepared for Christmas

It needs to be mentioned that spending $250-$450 each Christmas per child is a bit much for most budgets!

Reconsider Your Gifting Habits

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