12 Kids Activities & Crafts for Pi π Day

March 14th is Pi π Day, and it's time to celebrate circles! Check out this fun list of educational Pi Day ideas, crafts, and activities for kids you can do this year with your children.

First 100 Digits of Pi Color Wheel Activity

Learn the first 100 digits of Pi with this free printable Pi Day color wheel activity that helps kids to visualize numbers of Pi in the first 100 digits.

Pi Day Bookmarks and Bracelets (Math Craft for Kids)

Make pi accessible to all little kids by making Pi Day bracelets and bookmarks. The post explains how to make them, as well as why Pi is such a big deal.

Pi Day Colouring Pages - Free Printables

Keep things simple on Pi Day with free printable coloring pages that children of all ages can use to learn about the shape of the unique Pi symbol.

Bake a pie!

One of the classic ways of celebrating Pi Day is by baking a delicious pie to eat!  This goes for children as well as adults.  Swipe up to get tons of delicious pie recipes, both sweet and savory, for you and your kids to enjoy.

Free Pi Day Activities for School

Check out TONS of Pi Day activities, games, printables, and more for kids - all completely free for you to download and print!

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