25 Unique Turkey Recipes To Prepare For Thanksgiving

Are you looking for a unique turkey recipe to take your holiday culinary prowess up a notch?  Say goodbye to the traditional roast turkey, and say hello to these unique and mouthwatering herb-roasted turkey recipes for Thanksgiving.

Enhance your Thanksgiving with a Smoked Apple Cider Roast Turkey recipe. This flavorful and succulent turkey is marinated to perfection, infusing every bite with a blend of smokiness and sweet apple cider.

Photo: outgrilling.com

Smoked Apple Cider Turkey

Orange-Ginger Glazed Turkey, herb roasted to perfection, is an incredibly flavorful and unique take on Thanksgiving turkey. The infusion of zesty orange and the warmth of ginger bring this dish to a whole new level.

Photo: theroastedroot.net

Orange-Ginger Glazed Turkey

This turkey roulade, a truly unique turkey recipe, is a symphony of flavors, with the tartness of cherries, richness of chestnuts, & aromatic herbs. The pièce de résistance is the crimson cherry sauce, soaked in red wine.

Cherry Chestnut Turkey Roulade

Photo: runningtothekitchen.com

When it comes to making the perfect roasted turkey, it doesn't get much better than a Citrus Tea-Glazed Roasted Turkey.  Not only does it taste delicious, but the citrus tea glaze adds a slightly sweet flavor and beautiful visuals.

Citrus Tea-Glazed Roasted Turkey

Photo: jaroflemons.com

Pavochon is a turkey that is seasoned like a Puerto Rican roast suckling pig (or lechon) and filled with garlicky, mashed plantain and pork rind stuffing. It's a star at every Thanksgiving. You’ll see why after one taste!

Puerto Rican Pavochon with Mofongo Stuffing

Photo: senseandedibility.com

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