30 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids and Adults

Who says you have to actually carve those Halloween pumpkins to make them look amazing? Here are 30 fantastic no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas with REAL pumpkins that will bring out the creative spirit in you and your kids. 

Mandalorian and Grogu No Carve Pumpkins

Experience the magic of The Mandalorian this season with these pumpkin decorating ideas and delightful Star Wars themes featuring Baby Yoda (Grogu) and his guardian.

Photo: desertchica.com

Painted Captain Underpants Pumpkin

Avoid the hassle of carving and crafting your own Painted Captain Underpants Pumpkin for a mess-free Halloween.

Photo: jayssweetnsourlife.com

Harry Potter Pumpkin For Halloween

For young Hogwarts enthusiasts, crafting a Harry Potter-themed pumpkin decorating idea is an ideal Halloween project to celebrate the wizarding world.

Photo: funmoneymom.com

DIY String & Nail Art Pumpkin

Transform your pumpkin into a unique pincushion using the fascinating technique of string nail art. A crafty and imaginative way to adorn your Halloween décor.

Photo: lovelyindeed.com

Adorable DIY Unicorn Pumpkin

Discover a straightforward, step-by-step tutorial on crafting your very own Unicorn Pumpkin. This DIY concept is exceptionally charming, making it tempting to display year-round.

Photo: suburbansimplicity.com

Glitter Drip Pumpkin

The key to this drip pumpkin's charm is the glitter paint, providing a glittery finish without the usual glitter mess. You can enjoy a sparkling pumpkin without cleaning up scattered glitter for months!

Photo: craftsbyamanda.com

Black and Gold Pumpkins

These chic and timeless Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas offer a unique and classy approach to autumn decorating, infusing your space with a sense of opulence.

Photo: asformeandmyhomestead.com

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