32 Cheap and Free Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is nearly upon us! With school out, it’s important to keep children busy with lots of activities.  Here are 32 cheap and free summer activities for kids for plenty of outdoor and indoor fun!

Fly a Kite

You can buy a kite for less than $5. Take it to a wide-open space on a windy day. I also think it's mandatory to sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins.

Have a Neighborhood Chalk Drawing Contest

Get some cheap colored chalk and dollar store prizes, and invite the neighbor kids to create their best artwork!

Go on a Nature Walk

Take a simple stroll through the park, a local nature reserve, or even just around the block! You can find many nature walk scavenger hunt lists online, or make your own!

Drive-in Movie Theater

Make “cars” out of old cardboard boxes. Each kiddo gets their own cardboard box seat (I like to fill with pillows and blankets to make them extra comfy!), snack, and drink.

Plant a Garden

Turn a corner of your yard into a small vegetable garden. Seeds are fairly inexpensive, but water and fertilizer can add up. However, if your garden is successful, you will offset your grocery costs!

Have a Park Play Date

Arrange to meet another mom (or a few) and their kids at the park. Keep it low-key and just bring a snack, or make it more elaborate and bring a picnic lunch.

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