Looking for non-candy ideas to fill your children’s Easter eggs? Here’s a helpful list of more than 50 non-candy Easter egg fillers for toddlers and kids!

- Quarters, pennies, etc. - Fake coins for pretend play at home. - Erasers - Stickers - Stamps - Puzzle pieces

Hair Ties

Girls of all ages - whether they're little, tweens, or teens - will love finding hair ties, scrunchies, or bows in their Easter eggs!

- Dice - Nail polish - Shoelaces - Glow-in-the-dark stars - Beads - Water beads - String/yarn - Stress ball

Plastic Animals

Kids love animals, and one great non-candy Easter egg filler is a plastic animal!  They can be insects, dinosaurs, or just regular animals.  But no matter what, the kids will be super excited!

- Crayons - Markers - Hairbows - Earphones - Fidget spinners/cubes - Pencil toppers - Erasers

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