6 Ways to Keep Harmful Bugs Off Your Lawn & Garden

Here are six tips and tricks to keep your garden and lawn free from insects.  Learn how to remove harmful bugs from your garden and lawn!

#1 Use Repellents and Barriers

Barriers and repellents will help keep bugs from your home and garden. They act like a wall to stop out of having access to home and your plants crawling insects.

#2 Remove Standing Water Properly

Clean your blocked gutters to remove any standing water and make certain there are no areas in your lawn or garden where water might collect after a rain.

#3 Clean up Your Garbage

Maintain the litter can, skip or tote closed as much as you can, and be sure you keep it away from any place or your garden you anticipate doing entertaining.

#5 Cut unwanted plants from Lawn

You are making your yard a bit more inhospitable to these pests, Through the elimination of those pieces of grass. Don’t just stop at mowing.

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