How Monopoly Go Almost Destroyed My Marriage

The popular game Monopoly Go almost destroyed my marriage, and it could be ruining your life, too. Here’s why Monopoly Go and similar games are a bad idea.

It started so innocently. I got an email from Swagbucks offering enough points to get a $50 gift card. Since we use those to help pay for Christmas, I was thrilled at the opportunity.

Like I said, it all began in innocence – just trying to get to a certain level to get a gift card for my family to use for Christmas.

How Monopoly Go Hooked Me

I went into it knowing they’d try to get me to make purchases. But I’d done fine against Candy Crush, so I told myself that I’d be fine. I had my guard up.

But I had no idea just how skilled this app would be at pushing their agenda of getting people to buy things.

You see, you only get 5 rolls per hour. And it only takes like 5 seconds per roll.

And every time you run out of rolls, you have to close out of 4 different pop-ups that tell you all of the amazing, time-limited deals on how you can get 100 rolls for just $1.99 or whatever.

The free gift you get every 8 hours? You have to swipe past 3 pages in the Marketplace (where they tell you the current deals on rolls) before you can see it.

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