This fun Easter egg hunt puts the center of the holiday activity on the Savior Jesus Christ. This Easter egg hunt activity is perfect for family night during the Holy Week or for an Easter Sunday activity after church.


– 12 plastic Easter eggs numbered 1-12.  Egg #6 will need to be bigger. – 12 New Testament scriptures cut into strips (Swipe up to use the free printable) – 12 tokens to go in each egg with the corresponding scriptures

Make sure you number your eggs with a Sharpie so you can read the verses in the correct order!

Instructions for using Resurrection Eggs

You can hide these around the house for the kids to find all 12, or you can just hand them to the kids one at a time.

Put the scripture and token in each egg.  As you open the eggs, you will read the verse and talk about that part of the last week of the Savior’s mortal life.

Keep the set together for next year! It can be used again and again. Have fun, and enjoy keeping Christ the focus of your Easter.

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