19 DIY Easter Crafts That Kids Can Do

Kick off your Easter celebrations with this roundup of fun DIY crafts that kids can make! You can make bunnies, chicks, and other fun activities with your children. Bring the feeling of Easter into your home.

Easter is a favorite holiday at our house. (I think I say that about almost every holiday, but it’s so true!)

We love reading kids Easter books and talking about the reason for the holiday – the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

If you’ve been around us at Christmas time, then you know that our kids never believe in Santa, even though we still do many Santa traditions. The same is true for the Easter bunny at our house!

The focus of our Easter celebrations is the death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a time of renewal and rebirth. That is why the Easter bunny, baby chicks and other cute animals, and eggs are all symbols of Easter. There is so much symbolism involved!

However, it’s easy for younger kids to get caught up in celebrating the fun things of Easter – like an Easter egg hunt and an Easter basket. We like to do those things, too, but we try very hard to keep them seperate.

We actually do baskets and egg hunts on Saturday, so that we can focus the actual day of Easter on the Savior. And we love doing a Christ-centered Easter egg hunt as part of those celebrations.

One way we like to celebrate Easter is with DIY Easter crafts that the kids can do. So we made a list of our favorite ones for you!

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DIY Easter Crafts That Kids Can Do

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