What to Do If You Have Too Many Christmas Presents

This Christmas family tradition will help you figure out what to do if the presents under the tree are taking over your holiday season.

Are your kids obsessed over the presents under the Christmas tree?  Do they think it's the most important part of the holiday season?

Does the pile of gifts seem to grow larger every single year?  Or maybe the pile of Christmas gifts is actually bigger than the tree itself?

Is your child receiving more presents than they know what to do with? But you just can't help yourself because gift giving is your love language?

Some people hate the chaos of Christmas morning and the gift-opening frenzy, but they don't want to limit the number of gifts they purchase.

There IS a way for you to get as many presents as you want for your kids, without Christmas morning becoming a chaotic frenzy of gift-opening.

There IS an answer!

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