100 Frugal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Need some frugal Valentine’s Day gift ideas?  Celebrate love without breaking the bank. Here are more than 100 low-cost (and free) printables, activities, valentines, gifts, crafts, and more!

Homemade Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

Instead of splurging on boxes of expensive chocolates, make your own homemade desserts for Valentine's Day with our long list of dessert recipes!

Free Printable Valentines

Rather than purchasing bags of candy and ornate valentines at the store for your child's classroom, look at this long list of free printable valentines your kids can pass out to their friends.

Homemade Valentine's Day Boxes

Some people spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day Box kits for their children.  Instead, look at our list of DIY Valentine's Day boxes your children can make to collect their valentines.

Frugal Valentine's Day Crafts

If you love making crafts, but find them to be expensive, then check out our list of frugal Valentine's Day crafts that you and your children can make!

Inexpensive DIY Decor for Valentine's Day

Get your home or office decorated for Valentine's Day on a budget with our list of frugal DIY Valentine's Day decor - save a ton when you make the Valentine's Day decorations yourself!

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