How to Have a Frugal $42 Weekly Grocery Budget

If you are trying to live a frugal lifestyle and stay in a thrifty budget for your food, these tips and tricks to will give you the simple steps you need to feed your family for only $42 per week!

I’ve been there.  I’ve been in your shoes.  And I’ve felt that feeling of dread as the numbers climb higher and higher as each item from my cart is scanned in.

But you know what?   I’ve found the answer. And the answer is not couponing.

First, I want to start with a disclaimer: this is not going to be the most fun meal plan in the world.  The meals are going to start out being repetitive, bland, and boring.

But as you get more comfortable with the process, you’ll be able to make adjustments that you want to it.

We’re going to walk through an example of how to do this.  You do not need to choose these exact meals or items.  It’s the process that’s important, not the details.

Meal Plan for Your Frugal Grocery Budget

Now, as you pick your meals, I need you to choose meals where meat is optional.  Spaghetti, for example, you can have with or without hamburger or meatballs.


For our meal plan scenario, we’re going to have oatmeal for breakfast each morning.


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