14 DIY Mother’s Day Cards that Kids Can Make

Here’s a list of DIY Mothers Day cards that kids can make to give to the special women in their lives that conveys a sweet heartfelt message for a Happy Mother’s Day. These crafty Mother’s Day card ideas are a perfect gift for Mom from young children as a store bought card can be expensive.

There’s a unique and heartwarming magic that comes from crafting a Mother’s Day card with your own hands. It’s an opportunity for kids to tap into their boundless creativity and express heartfelt appreciation for the woman who has nurtured, supported, and loved them unconditionally. A handmade card, imbued with love, laughter, and a sweet message, becomes a treasured memento that captures the beautiful bond shared between a child and their mother.

If your children are creative types, who can work wonders with colorful construction paper and let their imagination run wild, check our guide for 10 Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make.

What Mother’s Day looks like in my home


Mother’s Day has become a very very special day in our home, but it wasn’t always that way.

In some homes, Mother’s Day is a stressful occasion because fathers and children feel the need to have it be perfect, and mothers feel inferior when they go to church and hear talks about perfect mothers.

But in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you learn that you are not meant to be perfect now. (Yes, sometimes the culture things you should be, but the doctrine is clear – no one is meant to be perfect in this life.)

Really, Mother’s Day is best when you communicate about expectations (and keep those expectations realistic!)

To help make Mother’s Day easier for you this year, we’ve come up with some easy ideas in this list of 14 DIY Mother’s Day cards that kids can make.

Because every mom, or mother-figure, deserves honor and respect for the great things she does. That’s why we have these frugal mother’s day gift ideas for you.

Your kids may also enjoy reading these Mother’s Day books, or even writing a sweet message in one and giving it as a gift.

DIY Mother’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

If these aren’t enough to choose from, you should check out our huge list of 170+ DIY Mother’s Day Gifts!

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