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Last week’s devotionals

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Family Home Evening for Come Follow Me 6/3 for Kids


Kindness Begins with Me (Children’s #145)


Alma 1:19–25


  • Watch one of these Religious Freedom Videos
  • What happened in these verses?  Why did people attack the Church?
  • How do true followers of Jesus Christ feel about people who have different beliefs?
  • What happened to those who did not obey the commandments?
  • How did Church members respond to persecution in these verses?
  • Do we experience similar situations? How can we respond?
  • Who were the people helped in Alma 1:27, 30? Who do we know who might be need of our love and help?


Play the board game “School Wise”.  If some of these circumstances don’t apply to your family, make up your own scenarios and role-play them.


Yogurt parfaits

Scripture of the Week for Come Follow Me 6/3 for Kids

Work on memorizing this scripture with your children during the week for Come Follow Me 6/3: Alma 1:25

Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them.

You can download these tracing sheets as a PDF.

Devotionals for Come Follow Me 6/3 for Kids

Remember that these are guidelines for you to use in your daily Come, Follow Me 6/3 devotionals with your children!  Please don’t feel as though you have to use every single question, journal entry, or activity.  Just make sure you look at the activity in advance so you can gather any materials they may require.

Here is a general outline for each devotional for Come Follow Me 6/3:

  • Start by singing the song together and saying a prayer
  • Read the scripture together, then your family can have a discussion using the questions/comments provided.
  • Copy the journal entries into a spiral notebook.  The child or the parent can write the question at the top, after which the child can write or draw an answer.
  • Have fun together doing the activity as a family!

Modifications for older children for Come, Follow Me 6/3 daily devotionals:

  • Explore the footnotes for each of the scriptures listed in Come, Follow Me 6/3
  • Ask additional discussion questions found in the Personal Study section of Come, Follow Me – For Home and Church: Book of Mormon 2024 for Come Follow Me 6/3
  • Instead of answering the journal entry with a drawing, you can create a study journal (a simple spiral notebook will work) to answer the question with a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on the child’s age.
  • Here are some ideas for marking your scriptures.

Monday Devotional


The Twelfth Article of Faith (Children’s #131)


Mosiah 29:11–27; Alma 2:1–7


  • The people wanted a king after Mosiah, but what did King Mosiah say?  Why didn’t he want a king?
  • How would the people choose the judges?  Does their righteousness make a difference?
  • How do we choose our leaders today?  How do I choose who I should vote for when I’m bigger?
  • Just five years into the reign of the judges, a crisis arose that would test Mosiah’s declaration that the voice of the people would usually choose what was right.
  • What was the issue about? What would have happened if the people of the Church hadn’t let their voices be heard?
  • What can we, as followers of Jesus Christ, do to influence our community for good?

Journal Entry

What qualities should a good leader have?


Have an election about apples and oranges

Tuesday Devotional


I Will Be Valiant (Children’s #162)


Alma 1:1-16


  • Nehor was a wicked man who taught people to make wrong choices and started his own church.
  • People were allowed to choose what they believed; they could not be forced.
  • Nehor tried to force Gideon (the one who tried to kill King Noah), but Gideon refused to deny his beliefs and Nehor killed him.  Nehor was tried by the judge and put to death.
  • Gideon stood up to Nehor and false teachings, even though it led to his death.  Can you think of anyone else who this happened to?  (Abinadi.  Also Christ and Joseph Smith.)
  • Gideon withstood Nehor “with the words of God.” What were some lies Nehor used? How did he use the truth to disguise the lies?
  • What have you learned from living prophets that refutes false teachings in our day?

Journal Entry

What can I do to stand up for the gospel?


Role play situations where children may need to stand up for truth, like Gideon.

Wednesday Devotional


My Country (Children’s #224)


Alma 2:1–7


  • Amlici was a wicked man who followed Nehor and took over when Nehor was put to death.
  • Amlici wanted to be king, but the people voted against him.  He got angry and tried to fight to be king, but he was defeated.
  • He then joined the Lamanites and they both fought the Nephites, but the Nephites won because they were righteous and Heavenly Father helped them.
  • Can we make other people believe what we want them to believe or do what we want them to do?  No, this is called agency – Heavenly Father lets us choose.  However, the laws give consequences for people who try to take away others’ agency (like killing).
  • The most important part of government is that they protect people and their right to agency and beliefs.
  • Watch the video “Chapter 21: The Amlicites

Journal Entry

What can I do to help others make right choices?


“What Laws Mean”

Thursday Devotional


Thanks to Our Father (Children’s #20)


Alma 1:19–314:6–15


  • Both sets of verses tell us about two different times the Church prospered (was blessed and grew) because of the righteousness of the people.
  • In each case, they reacted differently.  How was it different?  Why?
  • Which way is the correct way to act when we get blessings?
  • What attitude do true followers of Christ have toward riches and prosperity?

Journal Entry

What are some of my blessings?


“Fishing for Blessings”

Friday Devotional


The Things I Do (Children’s #170) verses 1-2


Alma 4:15-20


  • What made Alma “very sorrowful”?
  • He was the Chief Judge – he could have made laws to force everyone, but that wouldn’t be right.  What did he do instead?
  • How was this more helpful for the people?
  • A testimony and the Holy Ghost will help people change more than just using words or bossing them.
  • Practice sharing simple testimonies.
  • Watch “Alma the Younger Steps Down as Chief Judge

Journal Entry

What can I do to share my testimony this week?


Peacemaker coloring page

Primary Children’s Activities for Come Follow Me 6/3

The Come, Follow Me – Home and Church: Book of Mormon 2024 manual suggests that you look at this month’s issue of the Friend magazine for more ideas.

There is also an activity page in this week’s section of the CFM manual.

Sunday Ideas for Kids for Come Follow Me 6/3

Use Sundays for a time of reflection; share what you discussed that day in each of your classes.  Did you learn anything new or hear a different perspective about what you studied this week?

If you went to a class that did not use the Come, Follow Me 6/3 Manual, then share what stood out to you the most in your class.

Take a few minutes to talk about what parts of Sacrament Meeting you felt like were meant for you

If your younger children are struggling during Sacrament Meeting, try using these Ideas and Activities to Keep Toddlers and Kids Quiet During Church

Here are some activities that go along with this week’s topic in Come Follow Me 6/3

Sunday Kids Activities for Come Follow Me 6/3

  • Do this week’s free activity pages from Color Me Christian (or do them in the workbook if you purchased it from Amazon).
  • Watch the Religious Freedom Videos that you didn’t watch during FHE.
  • Read Dallin H. Oaks, “Love Your Enemies,” Liahona, Nov. 2020, 26–29.
  • Watch “Chapter 20: Alma and Nehor,” Book of Mormon Stories, 54–55.
  • Read Gary E. Stevenson, “Nourishing and Bearing Your Testimony,” Liahona, Nov. 2022, 111–14
  • How can we avoid being a “stumbling-block to those who [do] not belong to the church”? (Alma 4:10). It might also be useful to talk about how we can make sure the actions of others, particularly fellow Church members, do not become stumbling blocks for our spiritual progress.
  • To help your family understand the power of testimony, you could ask them to think of a time when hearing someone’s testimony affected them deeply. Why might Alma have chosen to use testimony and the word of God to touch the hearts of the people? (see also Alma 31:5). Why is this more effective than other methods people might use to persuade others to change? Are there people whose faith we could strengthen by sharing our testimonies with them?
  • What things or experiences have “awakened [us] to a remembrance of [our] duty” toward God? (Alma 4:3). Maybe it would be effective to share these verses after waking your family in the morning. You might then discuss how the challenges of waking up physically help us understand the challenges of waking up spiritually.
  • “‘Bean’ Kind” (October 2015 Friend). Use dried beans to see how far kindness can reach.
  • “Words Matter” (October 2019 Friend). Trace your finger along the lines to see how the words you say can make others feel.
  • “Article of Faith 12” (November 2011 Friend). A fill-in-the-blank activity about the place where you live.
  • Coloring Page: “My family and I can serve others.”
  • What message did the Amlicites want to communicate when they “set [a] mark upon themselves”? (see Alma 3:4, 13). What messages might we send—intentionally or unintentionally—with our appearance? This might be a good time to review “Dress and Appearance” in For the Strength of Youth (2011), 6–8.
  • “Article of Faith 2” (February 2011 Friend). “Article of Faith 2” (February 2011 Friend)
  • “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” (March 2008 Friend). Includes instructions for a diorama about following the example of Jesus Christ.
  • “Kindness Flowers” (November 2019 Friend). A kindness game you can play with a friend or family member. It’s like the game hangman but a lot friendlier!
  • “I Have a Family and Friends” (May 1989 Friend). Play this game with your family or your friends to remind you of ways that you can show your love for each other and help each other to be happy and live the gospel.
  • Sing together a song about love and service, such as “Kindness Begins with Me” (Children’s Songbook, 145), and help the children think of actions that could go with the song.
  • Watch the video “Apostle Testimony Montage”  Ask the children how they felt watching the video, and explain that they can help others feel the same way by bearing their own testimonies.

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