34 Smokin’ Hot Recipes for an Electric Smoker

Check out this roundup of delicious recipes for electric smoker! Your mouth will water with these meals made by a smoker.

Hi everyone, this is Phillip with some recipes for your electric smoker.

I’ve wanted to be an electric smoker for almost my entire adult life. I love the taste of smoked meat. And smoked vegetables. If you can cook it on a smoker, I want to eat it.

I also love grilled food, as evidenced by these grill recipes

Tiffany and the kids got me an electric smoker a few years ago for my birthday.

Or was it Father’s Day?

You know, it actually might have been Christmas. I can’t remember.

The point is, because Tiffany is so awesome at finding good deals with her Amazon deals Facebook group, she found a great price on a good electric smoker.

It has been so awesome!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving Turkey or just some chicken I found on sale at Kroger, I use the smoker so much more than I use my BBQ grill anymore! (Although hamburgers are still grilled, of course.)

I’ve decided I want to try new things, though, so I went out and found a bunch of recipes for an electric smoker that I am excited to try!

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Recipes for an Electric Smoker

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