11 Kindness Activities for Kids To Learn in a Positive and Impactful Way

It’s so important to have different emotions to teach kids about kindness, and it doesn’t that kindness lessons have to be boring and lame. Use one of these activities to teach children about kindness in a positive impact fun way.

Hi, I’m Charlie, and I’ve got some great, kind ideas and activities for kids for you.

Kindness can go a long way, especially in today’s society. There is so much confusion out there about who to follow, what to believe, and what is truth. But kindness is something you can always count on. No matter what, being kind is always the right answer. 

Everyone deserves kindness. We never know what someone is going through, or what kind of day they have had. Teaching kids about kindness at a young age is so significant. It can become ingrained in them so that it becomes a part of their everyday living as you raise kind kids

It takes effort and consistency to teach kids kindness. And it is completely natural for a kid to only see what they want and what would benefit them. It’s good to take opportunities to show kids how to think outside themselves and be kind. 

Create opportunities to practice kindness and teach your kids about kindness with these 60 Kindness Questions to Ask Kids, as well as creative ideas to discuss ways to promote and reward kindness through different kindness activities. Here are eleven different activities to create and encourage kindness in your home.

11 Activities to Teach Your Kids About Kindness

1) Paper chain of kindness

There are two ways to make a kindness chain. First, you could have your kids think of at least one kind of thing to do every day, and then they write that down on a slip of paper and tape it to the paper chain. Set a goal to make the paper chain a certain length. Encouraging your children to participate actively in creating the kindness chain fosters a sense of ownership and commitment to spreading kindness in their daily lives, promoting positive emotions and empathy.

You could also do it by making the paper chain in advance with all the kindness acts written on each slip of the chain and then have them sign up and cut it down once they’ve completed each kindness activity on it. Not only that, but you can watch as the chain shrinks. This method provides a visual representation of the kindness efforts made over time, reinforcing the impact of each act and encouraging continued kindness in the future.

Your kids may also enjoy using these Kindness zoo coloring pages.

2) Donate toys and books to teach kids about kindness

One thing we like to do every year is donate some of our books and toys to kids who need them. We collect so many toys throughout the year, so doing a toy cleanse is good for us and others. My kids love picking out which toys they are going to give away. I feel like this also makes them less materialistic knowing they don’t have to hold on to everything. Teaching kindness through acts like donating toys and books to those in need instills important values in children. Kindness means considering the needs of others and finding ways to help, fostering empathy and generosity.

We either donate to Goodwill, a toy drive, a book drive, free book libraries, children we know are in need, or other drives that might be happening around Christmas time in our area. If possible, let them give the toys away to the kids so they can be part of the giving. (because that’s the best part). 

3) Service activities/projects 

Make it a point to do service projects or activities often in elementary students’ school hallways or classrooms. They’re a great way to teach kids about kindness! We try hard in elementary school hallways and classrooms to create a service project once a month. Engaging students in service projects not only fosters a sense of empathy and compassion but also teaches valuable lessons about kindness rocks the importance of giving back to the community.

We try to make it ones that they can participate in like handing out balloons in front of a grocery store, baking cookies for our next-door neighbor, doing yard work for an elderly person, or volunteering at the food bank (if your kids are old enough). Providing opportunities for children to actively participate in community service projects instills a sense of responsibility and empowers them to make a positive impact in their community.

When your children see the needs of others, it helps turn them into more appreciative kids.

4) Kindness calendar to teach kids about kindness

Create a kindness calendar to teach your kids for the month or week. You could do this in several ways. One way would be to pick one month out of the year to focus on kindness. Sit down together as a family and write down all the kind acts you want to do that month and then plan it out. Write a kind act on each day of that month. 

One great way to do this is to use these printable thank-you cards for kids.

Another way would be to focus on one kindness act a week for each week of the year. It could be as simple as smiling or saying hi to a new friend. You could plan them out at the start of each week or month, or even at the start of each year. Displaying your calendar in a place where everyone can see and be reminded can evoke different feelings of anticipation and excitement of an act of kindness.

5) Kindness Scavenger Hunt

Create a kindness challenge or scavenger hunt and make it an evening activity – this is a great way to get social skills to teach kids about kindness! You could also make it a regular monthly activity. Engaging young learners in regular kindness challenges fosters empathy and compassion in children while promoting positive behavior and social interactions with others.

Write down at least 10 kind acts and then go to a mall or park and see if you can do all the 10 random acts. Cross them off in as many random acts of kindness as you do them. Keeping track of completed kind acts encourages children to actively seek out opportunities to spread kindness in their school grounds and communities, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment.

You could also try to catch other people doing kind acts, and thank them for being kind. It’s good for kids to see that there is still kindness in the world. Encouraging children to recognize and acknowledge kindness in various acts of others reinforces the value of compassion for others’ feelings and reinforces positive social behaviors.

Create a kindness challenge or scavenger hunt and make it an evening activity – this is a great way to get social skills to teach kids about kindness! You could also do kindness challenges and make it a regular monthly activity.

Write down at least 10 kinds of random acts and then go to a mall or park and see if you can do all the ten random acts. Cross them off in as many random acts of kindness as you do them.

Like scavenger hunts? Give this neighbornood sidewalk chalk scavenger hunt a try!

6) Kindness Painting Rocks

a-heart-painting-massage-in-a-rock-11-kindness-activities -or-kids-to-learn-in-a-positive-and-impactful-way

One of our favorite things to do in our family is rock painting. It is so fun and relaxing. Then after we’ve painted them, we like to place them on the walking trail behind our house for everyone to enjoy. Sharing our painted rocks with others adds a touch of joy and creativity to our community, spreading smiles and brightening the day for passersby.

Have you ever been walking down a trail and found a painted rock? Doesn’t it just brighten your day? We love it. You could write down inspiring messages or create a fun design. Expressing positive messages or cheerful designs on painted rocks adds an element of surprise and delight to outdoor spaces, creating moments of connection and happiness for those who discover them.

Another fun place for painted rocks is your vegetable garden!

7) Paint Messages

This one kind of goes hand in hand with painting rocks, but you could paint inspiring words or pictures on the sidewalk or road using sidewalk paint. It’s a great way to inspire others or make someone’s day, and it’s super simple. Sidewalk painting allows for creative expression in public spaces, fostering a sense of community and positivity for all who pass by.

a-sweet-paint-message-hi-11-kindness-activities -for-kids-to-learn-in-a-positive-and-impactful-way

8) Heart Attack

Heart attack someone by cutting out a bunch of hearts and writing messages or sticky notes or drawing pictures on them, and then taping them to someone’s front door (secretly). This simple yet thoughtful gesture can brighten someone’s day and spread love modeling kindness, and positivity throughout their family members and the neighborhood.

You could also put them on their porch, car, or in their hands on their front lawn. This makes a great Valentine’s Day activity with other children, and you could include these cute Valentine’s Day cookies.

Adding sweet treats to your heart attack surprise adds an extra touch of warmth and delight, making the gesture even more memorable and heartwarming.

9) Random acts of kindness jar

Keep these kindness ideas and cards in a jar in your home, somewhere that is convenient for everyone, that has different and random acts of kindness in it. Choose to pull one out to do once a month, week, or whenever the kids are fighting and need to perform a kindness act. Having a variety of kindness ideas and acts readily available encourages spontaneous acts of kindness and reinforces the importance of compassion and generosity in daily life.

It also serves as a great reminder to be kind. Keeping kindness cards accessible in your home provides gentle prompts to prioritize kindness in interactions with others and fosters social awareness and a culture of kindness role-playing and empathy encourage kindness and consideration within the family.

10) Friendship Flowers to teach kids about kindness

Create a friendship flower by making a paper flower, writing a person’s name in the middle, and then writing all their great qualities such as their facial expressions and body language, expressions, feelings, and traits on the petals. Then, give the flower to that person either secretly or randomly. This thoughtful gesture not only celebrates the unique qualities of each individual but also strengthens bonds of friendship and appreciation.

This fun kindness activity is a simple way to brighten someone’s day and show them that you care. It’s also a great way to spread the positive message of kindness and to teach kids about kindness! Engaging in kindness activities, like these kindness coloring pages creating friendship flowers instills values of empathy and compassion in children, nurturing a culture of kindness and support within the elementary classroom community and their social circles.

Create a friendship flower by making a paper flower, writing a person’s name in the middle, and then writing all their great qualities such as many acts, feelings, and traits on the petals. Then, give the flower to that person either secretly or randomly.

11) Books about Kindness

Buy several books about kindness and read them regularly in your home. This is great for little kids because they can hear it over and over again. They may not be able to participate in all the activities, but reading about it all the time is good. 

Here are some of the best books about kindness.

37 Deeds Kids Can Do to Teach Them About Kindness

I included a lot of World Kindness Day activities for older kids here that contain a bunch of little World Kindness Day acts. If you need some ideas for kind words helpful actions and deeds, so you can write on your paper slips or calendar for World Kindness Day, here is a list of kind deeds kids can do (ages varying):

  • Smile
  • Say hi
  • Color a picture
  • Write a note
  • Do a chore for a sibling
  • Clean without being asked
  • Watch a younger sibling for free
  • Make goodies
  • Hold the door open
  • See someone who might need help and offer to help them
  • Feed the birds
  • Return someone’s cart at the grocery store
  • Sing a song at a nursing home
  • Say thank you to a police officer, fireman, or mailman
  • Give water to your mailman
  • Leave pennies heads up on the sidewalk
  • Give a high-five
  • Pick up litter
  • Give someone (a stranger) a compliment
  • Pass out balloons at a grocery store
  • Pass out stickers
  • Leave a gift on someone’s doorstep 
  • Donate something
  • Give someone a hug
  • Tell someone how great they are
  • Help someone unload their groceries
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Play with dogs at a shelter (or any animal)
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Make a kindness poster to hang up in your home
  • Send someone a positive text
  • Leave a note on someone’s car
  • Write down 10 things you’re grateful for
  • Pray for someone
  • Babysit for Free
  • Hold up positive signs on the side of the street
  • Leave a box of goodies in the mailbox

The possibilities are endless. There are so many kind things to do for people, and it doesn’t have to be very big. It’s the little things that make all the difference. I believe that if everyone teaches their kids to be kind, then the world will be a better place! 

What kind of act will you do today?

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  1. It’s so important to teach children by example and people don’t do it enough. These are excellent practical ways to teach valuable lessons of kindess to others. Love the jar idea!

  2. I remember one year we did a random act of kindness advent calendar. My kids loved it so much. It included leaving candy canes on cars at the store, baking cupcakes for urgent care near our home and so much more. Love this post.

  3. these are truly creative ways to teach kindness to kids.
    especially I love the donating toys and making kids do service projects tips.
    you’ve done a fantastic job with this post Charlie!

  4. This is a wonderful post. I have painted rocks with my daughter and left them around town as well as brought sweets over to a neighbors house. But I think after reading your suggestions, Heart Attack is my new favorite!

  5. These are great activities to do with your child to teach them kindness. I especially love the donate your toys idea. I got my daughter to choose some toys she no longer wants to play with and we donated them together. She was so happy at the thought of another child getting to play with her toys.

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