15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Right Now

Helpful and practical tips for self-care. Read these ways to practice self-love so you can live life to your fullest potential.

Hi, I’m Antonia, and I want to share these ways to practice self-love with you.

You can be loved by a thousand people but if you aren’t loved by yourself it doesn’t mean anything. That’s the foundation for everything in your life.

Practicing self-love also means accepting who you are but also working towards a better and happier you. It’s your choice to leave things as they are and accept them or work and be the person you’ve always meant to be.

When you practice self-love love enough you’ll have the power to realize what you want and need to do. Don’t compare to others as it’s doing you nothing good. You are unique and beautiful and there is nobody else like you in the whole World. Here are simple ways you can practice self-love.

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Right Now

Start Your Day With Self-Love Affirmations

What if you could feel more freedom, more independence, more kindness, less fear of mistakes, improved mental health, a more positive mindset, and an increased sense of self-worth?

Well, all of that is possible with the power of self-love affirmations.

Waking up and starting your day with affirmations will make you love yourself and your life more. There are a lot of self-love affirmations you can find online, including this post about the law of attraction.

You can also adapt these affirmations for kids to yourself, or use them to help your child develop self-love as well.

Keep A Habit Tracker

There are so many benefits positive habits can bring in our life. Sometimes it can be hard to incorporate them into our daily lifestyle so we give up before even starting.

Positive habits can help you grow as a person and with that love yourself even more. It takes around 21 days to make something a habit.

Something that I noticed is that the crucial part of those 21 days is the first two weeks. Print or start your habit tracker to make it easier to keep on track.

Compliment Yourself

When was the last time you complimented yourself?

We are so quick to put ourselves down and judge ourselves but when we accomplish something we forget to give ourselves some credit.

It is important to practice self-acceptance. Embrace different parts of yourself, all the good things and not-so-good bits, and be kind to all of them.

Treat Yourself

It is the right time to treat yourself to something you love. Living in a fast pacing world makes us run around worrying about different things.

As a woman, it is in our nature to take care of others and somehow forgetting to take care of ourselves along the way.

Treating yourself comes in different shapes and forms. It can be as simple as reading a book or getting your nails and hair done to go on a staycation.

You could even gift yourself a pampered day with this cute free printable Treat Yourself gift tag.


Journaling is one of the best ways to express your feelings. The reason behind that is the fact that journaling requires you to slow down and think about what you want to write.

This is an amazing way to connect with yourself and reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes only talking about things isn’t enough.

Even if you don’t have a journal, open a blank page in your Word document or find a piece of paper and practice self-love through journaling.

ways to practice self love - meditate

Start Meditating

I’m sure that you tried to meditate at least once in your life. Maybe you didn’t feel like it made any change so you stopped.

I was there and I made a mistake.

When you think about meditating you think that you should immediately disconnect from this world and that’s just not happening right away. Take it easy. As with everything else meditation is something you need to practice.

Start with just 10 minutes of deep breathing with your eyes closed and thinking about just one thing. I find this helpful as my mind can get pretty busy and always full of thoughts.

If you’re pregnant, you may want to join a prenatal yoga class.

ways to practice self love - eat healthy

Eat Healthy

Support your body with the meals that will make you feel great. What and how much we eat can sometimes tell us how we feel.

Listen to your own body as it will tell you what it needs. Don’t focus on the numbers focus on your emotions and health.

Once you have the right mindset you will be able to love your body more and you will feel confident. Self-love is the best foundation for body confidence.

ways to practice self love - exercise

Move Your Body

The best way to feel self-love and body-confident is to work on yourself. But work because of the right reasons.

There are a lot of people that start working out because they want to look like somebody else. Only when you start working on yourself because of yourself you will start to see the change.

Move your body because you want to not because you feel pressured to. Start working out because you love yourself and want to get healthier.

One way to do this is to use the free couch to 5K program.

ways to practice self love  - me time

Take “Me Time”

Isn’t time you purposely planned a time for yourself?

You might’ve had a lot of free time because of the social-distancing, but most of us probably didn’t make an effort to have a mindful and distraction-free me-time. If you have time right now then you can take a few minutes and focus only on yourself.

Try to think about the things you love to do and do them right now. Put in your calendar day on which you will prioritize a me-time.

Me-time is something we should practice regularly as it is one of the ways of self-care that we all need. Just setting 30 minutes to meditate or listen to music is enough.

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ways to practice self love - artwork

Get Creative

It is easy to get absorbed into the dullness of ordinary life. Days just feel black and white.

Something we all lack is a little bit of brightness. We overlook all the pursuits that can unlock our creativity and make our days much more vivid.

There are so many creative activities you can do in the comfort of your home and that are free.

Disconnect from Social Media

Social media is a very important part of most of our lives. It caused so many advantages and made our lives so much simpler.

Although, as with everything else, there are some negative features of social media. It can get quite addicting to continually scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media.

While we are disconnecting from social media we are connecting with ourselves. Without any distraction, we can focus on important things and love ourselves more.

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ways to practice self love - hobby sewing

Learn a New Hobby

Knitting, painting, scrapbooking, photographing, sewing, bullet journaling, creative writing, etc. These are just some of the things you maybe wanted to do but thought that you don’t have time for them.

While you are spending most of your time at home why not finally start a new hobby?

A hobby doesn’t mean that you need to master it to perfection. It should be a way to let your creativity out while doing something beneficial for your mind and body.

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Create a Vision Board

Visualize where you want to be, what you want to feel, and accomplish till the end of the year. Visualization can help it seem more real and manageable.

I’m sure that you already heard about the Law of attraction, and if you didn’t it might be something you find interesting.

Cut photos from magazines or print them and place them on board. Incorporate items that will remind you of what you desire to accomplish in various areas of your life, personal, financial, work, love, etc. Once you’ve made it, place it somewhere where you can see it every day.

The visual board is there to make you excited and driven to work even harder and achieve all of your aspirations.  It’s a great way to practice self-love.

ways to practice self love - say no

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Although it seems that freedom of speech has never been on this level in the history of humankind, it doesn’t mean that it is always completely free of charge.

Communication is very important for us as social beings but it does have its difficulties. Sometimes it can get hard to get our thoughts across and it can get hard to understand what others want to say.

We will never be able to completely understand each other’s but that doesn’t mean that we should stop speaking our minds. Feeling guilty when saying no is only harming you. 

ways to practice self love - sleep

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is something that isn’t that easy for some people. Our daily life can mess up our sleeping pattern and with that the whole day ahead.

We need sleep to give our body and mind time to charge and to reduce stress. If you suffer from insomnia here are few things that might help you:

  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea. It’s scientifically proven that chamomile makes your body relaxed and also helps you fall asleep.
  • Be sure to turn off all of your devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Adding just a few simple steps into your nighttime routine will improve your sleeping pattern and you’ll feel much better in the morning. 

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