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What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings

What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings

There will always be hurt feelings in a marriage, whether coming from a fight or argument, or even just on accident when a husband or wife says or does something inadvertently. Here is the correct way to handle the situation…

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Delicious & Easy Cheesy Potatoes with a Secret Ingredient

Delicious & Easy Cheesy Funeral Potatoes with a Secret Ingredient

Cheesy potatoes are an easy side dish that can be made for potlucks, funerals, and almost any occasion. This recipe for easy cheesy potatoes puts a new twist on a traditional side dish with two secret ingredients that make it even more delicious than traditional!
Fun LEGO Activity Ideas - for all ages!

LEGO Challenges and Activities for Kids

Are you looking for a LEGO class curriculum for your homeschool or classroom? Or perhaps you just need some ideas for fun LEGO activities and games to do inside on a rainy day. Challenge cards, island disasters, building upside, and more – check out these fun LEGO challenges and activities for kids of all ages!

Fun Neighborhood Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with Sidewalk Chalk

Looking for a boredom buster for the summer or another time when you’re stuck at home? This fun neighborhood outdoor scavenger hunt with sidewalk chalk is the perfect way to get the entire neighborhood involved yet do it on your own time at each family’s convenience.

11 Ways Christ is the Master Teacher

Jesus Christ is describe in the scriptures, especially in the Bible, as the master teacher. Here are 11 ways that Christ is the master teacher and how it is reflected in the way a teacher is in a public classroom.

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Muffins Kids Can Make

Kids will love helping make dinner with this simple recipe for easy pepperoni pizza muffins! They take less than five minutes to put together, and are a quick dinner or meal for a busy day on a tight schedule.

Easy Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe

Make a quick dinner that the kids will love with this five minute recipe for easy ham and cheese roll-ups! It’s a perfect fast lunch, dinner, or even breakfast for a busy day!