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18 Easiest Meals for Picky Eaters

18 Easiest Meals for Picky Kids

Here is a list of easy frugal meals that are perfect for picky kids who don’t want to eat their lunch or dinner. Dinners that picky children will eat!
Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans Recipe

This delicious recipe for Roasted Parmesan Green Beans uses fresh green beans and makes for a perfect side dish at any Easter or Thanksgiving gathering. It’s also simple enough to have anytime, not just on a special occasion!

Captain Moroni Visual Aid Object Lesson

In the Book of Mormon war chapters, Captain Moroni fortifies the City of Noah to protect against the Lamanites.  This Captain Moroni visual aid makes a great object lesson or Family Home Evening (FHE) activity and teaches how we can…

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5 Simple & Unique Frugal Living Tips

5 Simple & Unique Frugal Living Tips

Save money with these simple and unique frugal living tips for beginners! It’s easy to live a thrifty life when you follow these life hacks that aren’t extreme.
7 Tips to Live Frugally With 7 Kids

7 Ways to Be Frugal With Lots of Kids

Here are seven tips on how to live frugally with a large family! Learn how to be frugal with lots of kids using these tips and tricks to help your family save money on groceries and more.
Love Yourself As You Love Your Neighbor

Love Yourself As You Love Your Neighbor

Do you treat yourself like you’d treat your friend, or do you hold yourself to impossible standards? Do you love yourself and encourage high self-esteem and self-care about your own body and person? This post explains why each woman and man should give themselves the same grace they would give a loved one during a tribulation or difficult time.