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Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies

Homemade Sensory Development Toys for Babies

Kids love toys and they do not care about the brand or the pricing of the toy. Therefore, it is always good to make some creative sensory toys at home. If you don’t know what kind of toys you should develop for your kid, then keep reading to get some great ideas for homemade sensory development toys for babies.
Free Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

Free Printable Monthly Reading Charts for Kids

Are your kids tracking their reading for Pizza Hut’s Book-it program, a library reading program, or are they just wanting to improve their reading? Reward your child for reading with these free monthly printable reading charts for kids. There’s one for each month, and they make daily tracking fun with their cute themes!

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How To Find Time To Blog and Homeschool

How To Work from Home and Homeschool

If you want to start a blog but already homeschool your kids, here are some tips and tricks as to how you can find time to do both. Or if you already work from home and want to be able to homeschool your children, these ideas will help you find make room in your schedule.
One Hidden Reason Your Baby Won't Latch On

One Hidden Reason Your Baby Won’t Latch On

Is your newborn baby having a difficult time latching on? Does your infant refuse to nurse? Learn about how a rare form of tongue tie called a posterior tongue tie may be the reason that breastfeeding is painful for you.
Educational TV Shows for Kids

Educational TV Shows for Kids

Here is a list of 15 educational tv shows for kids. If you want your children to watch television that will make them smarter, then check out this list!
45 Ways To Entertain Your Children Without Spending A Dime

45 Free Ideas To Entertain Your Kids

Looking for free ways to keep your kids entertained when they are stuck at home? Here are 45 free and frugal activities your children to do when they’re in the house and can’t socialize with friends.
Groceries You Should Be Getting Free

Groceries You Should be Getting Free

Is your grocery bill too high? Stay in your budget and learn how to get free groceries with couponing! These couponing tips and tricks are simple – anyone can do it!
Free Easy Budget

Free Easy Printable Budget

This free printable for the world’s easiest budget is the best way to get your finances set up. It’s a simple budget that can be customized for any age or any income level.
7 Lessons on Frugality from the Mormons

7 Lessons on Frugality from the Mormons

Here are 7 lessons on frugality from Mormons. There are several core principles taught by leaders for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that will help you live a frugal lifestyle. Learn key financial concepts about money from the Mormons.