Upcoming Work Trends : Are You Ready for the Jobs of the Future?

Take a look at these upcoming work trends to help you make decisions about your employment. Are you ready for the jobs of the future?

Hello, I’m Artur, with some upcoming work employment trends that I want to talk to you about. You may remember me from my post about how to know when it’s find a new job and technology’s positive impact on education.

It is impossible to stop progress. Regardless of the area, everything is evolving, and technology is the main driver. The pandemic has allowed innovation to be more relevant to everyday activities, which are now called “new normal”. These trends have changed the way we view everything, especially work.

Thousands of companies and governments suffered economic crises due to the coronavirus, but many were able to overcome the problems using technology.

How does this work?

How important will this science be for jobs in the future?

In this post, I will discuss the most ambitious trends for work in the coming years and what the benefits are for everyone.

upcoming work trends - woman working remotely on a park bench with cell phone and laptop

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1 – More Remote Work

We start with the easiest thing to explain: remote work. This trend became very popular during the pandemic, as companies sent their workers home to prevent further infections within the office.

Working from home started as an emergency experiment for the virus, but the results were positive (in most cases). Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said that the company expects to hire staff to do work from home exclusively.

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Main Advantage

In a future where remote work is an everyday activity, startups won’t have to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure, offices, and equipment for all staff.

Also, workers will be less likely to suffer workplace accidents and will not have transportation problems.

Regarding the acceptance of this method, a study published in Scoro says that more than 50 percent of workers who do these activities expect to increase their remote work hours in the future.

upcoming work trends - female construction worker with a tablet

2 – Tech Talent Demand

The economic growth of the world tells us that the general labor trend is towards technology in all its forms. That is, the demand for tech employees will be much greater than now.

In 2020, large tech companies in the US continued to hire personnel related to this industry, while other traditional companies were reducing salaries, laying off employees, and closing.

Main Advantage:

Some fear that traditional jobs will disappear. However, even though robots and automation are advancing like never before, jobs in tech companies continue to grow, and common companies are turning to technology platforms to offer better services.

Labor demand continues to be an advantage for future professionals, even for bootcamp students, who are being hired by companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, or Amazon.

upcoming work trends - man working from home

3 – Freelance Growth

One of the most interesting trends in recent years has been the growth of freelancers. This type of work represents a big portion of the economy of countries like the United States.

A study published in Score shows that 57 million Americans work as freelancers today. These figures are possible thanks to the optimization of freelance websites, which allow workers and clients from all over the world to do tasks of all kinds.

How popular are these websites? In the case of UpWork, the total number of freelancers exceeds 18 million.

Main Advantage:

These types of jobs allow people to get great deals from their homes, an advantage that years ago was impossible. Besides, remote work allows you to be anywhere in the world and still generate money.

Another positive aspect is the freedom between the client and the freelancer—both can create a contract and talk about how many hours can be worked and how much money is paid for each project.

upcoming work trends  - digitization

4 – Digitization

Finally, we must talk about how companies will be in the coming years. Digitization is real, and more and more entrepreneurs decide to create projects without having to build physical infrastructure.

This trend will be very popular in the future, and the income level of these companies will be almost as high as that of a traditional company.

Besides, this method allows many sectors of the economy to be on the Internet: from computer sales, marketing, medical consultations, and supermarkets.

Main Advantage:

If startups decide to go 100 percent digital, natural resources can be used wisely. Building a physical company requires not only thousands of dollars but the use of wood, cement, water, among others.

Also, access to the services of these companies will be able to reach users in all parts of the world, not just those in a street or city.

The contribution of technology is essential for the creation of more and better jobs for everyone.

The fundamental objective is to give opportunities to people who cannot have a good job. In addition, these trends will reach thousands through their digital devices; an advantage of this 21st century that will always prevail.

These are just four of the most essential ideas for the workplace revolution—better things are yet to come!

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma, an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

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