31 Best St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Decorate the walls of your home in green and feel the luck of the Irish with these cute St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Ideas, many of which are DIY!

Isn’t Saint Patrick’s Day such a fun holiday?

Even though our kids know the truth about Santa and other holiday characters like the tooth fairy and Easter bunny, we still love to pretend and use our imagination!

One of my (Tiffany’s) favorite memories as a kid is building creative leprechaun traps and eating green pancakes for dinner.

It was also one of the few times a year we were allowed to eat as much Lucky Charms cereal as we wanted for breakfast without having to mix it with a non-sugar cereal! It was such a total win for us as kids!

As an adult, I absolutely love making these holidays magical for my kids. One great way to do that is with decorations! So for this Saint Patrick’s Day, I searched the internet for some great decor ideas to help make it festive.

There’s something fun about waking up to a brightly decorated house for any holiday, especially Saint Patrick’s Day. Plus, it will remind the kids to wear various shades of green so they don’t pinch each other all day long. Since we homeschool, they only have each other to pinch!

Between these home decor ideas and the other posts above, you should be able to have a lucky, magical St. Patrick’s Day at home this year!

Saint Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

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Saint Patricks Day Decor Ideas

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