100 Simple and Delicious Savory Pie Recipes to Try Tonight

These savory pie recipes are perfect comfort foods this fall or winter. They’re also great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any autumn dinner!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some savory pie recipes.

We worked hard on our garden this last year, and we have a bunch of vegetables we wanted to put together in a chicken pot pie of some kind. Without a good recipe, however, we’ve been hit-or-miss on how they taste.

Savory pies are one of the best fall and winter comfort foods, especially in cold weather. While we don’t get much of an autumn here in Houston, we still love having our favorite comfort foods on chilly days.

To help with this, we came up with this list of savory pies that we think you’ll enjoy! They are delicious, and they’re a perfect way to enjoy the winter. Some of them might even work well for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners!

When we make things like pies, we like to make them in bulk to freeze some for later. This means purchasing lots of disposable pie pans. Not only do they make cleanup easy, but a lot of times we end up giving away an extra pan or two for new moms, someone who is unwell, or just because. It’s always nice to share with friends and neighbors, and this makes it so they don’t have to return a casserole dish or pie pan!

Savory Pie Recipes

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