Come Follow Me 5/13/2024 – Devotionals & FHE for Kids

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Last week’s devotionals

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Family Home Evening for Come Follow Me 5/13 for Kids


The Commandments (Children’s #112)


Mosiah 12:33–3613:11–24


  • Read the verses and discuss each commandment’s meaning.
  • What do you think it means to have God’s commandments written in your heart?
  • Our hearts often symbolize our desires. How do we write these commandments in our hearts?
  • Are these commandments are written in your heart?
  • When we see the commandments as laws we want to follow instead of things we have to, it changes the way we obey and helps us become more like Christ.
  • What blessings come from keeping the commandments?


Cut out paper hearts and fill them with commandments that you want to follow better.


Heart shaped mini pies

Scripture of the Week for Come Follow Me 5/13 for Kids

Work on memorizing this scripture with your children during the week for Come Follow Me 5/13: Mosiah 16:9

He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.

You can download these tracing sheets as a PDF.

Devotionals for Come Follow Me 5/13 for Kids

Remember that these are guidelines for you to use in your daily Come, Follow Me 5/13 devotionals with your children!  Please don’t feel as though you have to use every single question, journal entry, or activity.  Just make sure you look at the activity in advance so you can gather any materials they may require.

Here is a general outline for each devotional for Come Follow Me 5/13:

  • Start by singing the song together and saying a prayer
  • Read the scripture together, then your family can have a discussion using the questions/comments provided.
  • Copy the journal entries into a spiral notebook.  The child or the parent can write the question at the top, after which the child can write or draw an answer.
  • Have fun together doing the activity as a family!

Modifications for older children for Come, Follow Me 5/13 daily devotionals:

  • Explore the footnotes for each of the scriptures listed in Come, Follow Me 5/13
  • Ask additional discussion questions found in the Personal Study section of Come, Follow Me – For Home and Church: Book of Mormon 2024 for Come Follow Me 5/13
  • Instead of answering the journal entry with a drawing, you can create a study journal (a simple spiral notebook will work) to answer the question with a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on the child’s age.
  • Here are some ideas for marking your scriptures.

Monday Devotional


I Will Be Valiant (Children’s #162)


Mosiah 11:20-29


  • Last week, we learned about King Zeniff, who had left Zarahemla to search for the land Nephi used to own before his brothers chased him out. When Zeniff died, he left the kingdom to his son, Noah.
  • King Noah and his people became wicked and refused to listen to the prophet Abinadi.
  • Abinadi was thrown out of the city, and when the Lord told him to come back, he was put in jail.
  • He kept teaching righteous ways, even when King Noah threatened to burn him alive.
  • When have you felt like you were standing alone in defense of the truth?  What can you do during those times?
  • Watch “Abinadi Testifies of Jesus Christ

Journal Entry

What will give me courage to stand for the right?


Abinadi and King Noah coloring page

Tuesday Devotional


Search, Ponder, and Pray (Children’s #109)


Mosiah 12:19–30


  • King Noah and his wicked priests were supposed to be the church leaders.
  • King Noah’s priests were familiar with the word of God. They could quote passages of scripture and claimed to teach the commandments. And yet, their lives seemed unaffected by the Savior’s gospel. Why was that?
  • They knew all of the scriptures, but they never applied them.
  • What do you think it means to apply your heart to understanding God’s word?
  • What does applying the scriptures mean?  What are some examples?

Journal Entry

What scripture can I apply this week?  How can I do that?


“Bringing the Scriptures to Life” activities

Wednesday Devotional


Dare to Do Right (Children’s #158)


Mosiah 13:1–9


  • Abinadi got lots of help from Heavenly Father so he could teach the message.
  • How would you describe Noah and his people? Why would it require courage for Abinadi to share God’s message with them?
  • But at the end, Abinadi was killed, even though he chose right.
  • Why do you think Heavenly Father let this happen?  Do bad things mean that we are bad or that Heavenly Father doesn’t love us?
  • When have you felt like you were standing alone in defense of the Savior and His gospel? How did He help you feel He was with you?
  • Heavenly Father has a plan for us and He sees all of it; we only see a part of it.
  • Watch  “Dare to Stand Alone

Journal Entry

How can I get more trust in the Lord this week?


Courage catcher craft.

Thursday Devotional


He Sent His Son (Children’s #24)


Mosiah 14


  • Abinadi taught King Noah and his priests about Jesus. To teach about Jesus Christ, Abinadi quoted the prophet Isaiah, who compared us to lost sheep.
  • Have you ever lost something or been lost? How did you feel? What did you do?
  • These verses are about the Savior.  He was treated horribly, and then He suffered and died for us.
  • Many people will choose to be wicked and not repend, but Jesus died for them anyway.
  • Why did Jesus choose to do this?
  • How are we like sheep who wander from God? How does Jesus Christ help us come back?

Journal Entry

What can I do to show my gratitude for Jesus?


Do some role-playing about bullying.  You can get ideas here.

Friday Devotional


I Lived in Heaven (Children’s #4)


Mosiah 16:1-13


  • These verses describe what would happen to God’s children if Jesus had “not come into the world or if we choose not to obey Him.
  • What are the good things that have happened because He came and atoned for us?
  • What would life be like without the Savior?

Journal Entry

What good things are in my life because Jesus died for me?


Atonement word search and crossword puzzle

Primary Children’s Activities for Come Follow Me 5/13

The Come, Follow Me – Home and Church: Book of Mormon 2024 manual suggests that you look at this month’s issue of the Friend magazine for more ideas.

There is also an activity page in this week’s section of the CFM manual.

Sunday Ideas for Kids for Come Follow Me 5/13

Use Sundays for a time of reflection; share what you discussed that day in each of your classes.  Did you learn anything new or hear a different perspective about what you studied this week?

If you went to a class that did not use the Come, Follow Me 5/13 Manual, then share what stood out to you the most in your class.

Take a few minutes to talk about what parts of Sacrament Meeting you felt like were meant for you

If your younger children are struggling during Sacrament Meeting, try using these Ideas and Activities to Keep Toddlers and Kids Quiet During Church

Here are some activities that go along with this week’s topic in Come Follow Me 5/13

Sunday Kids Activities for Come Follow Me 5/13

  • Do this week’s free activity pages from Color Me Christian (or do them in the workbook if you purchased it from Amazon).
  • “The Atonement” (Mar. 1989 Friend)  An activity to look up scriptures that relate to the Atonement, complete the quotes, and then rearrange the filled-in words to discover what the Savior’s work and glory is.
  • “Jesus Christ Is My Savior” (Apr. 2009 Liahona and Friend)  Look up scriptures listed on pieces of fruit, and place them on the tree. The fruit represents the blessings we receive because of the Atonement.
  • Watch this video about Abinadi and King Noah
  • Read “Chapter 8: The Call for Courage,” Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Thomas S. Monson (2022)
  • Invite the children to count to 10. Or give them 10 numbered pieces of paper and let them put the papers in order. Explain that Heavenly Father gave us Ten Commandments to help us return to live with Him. Help the children recite with you some of the Ten Commandments from Mosiah 12:33–36 and 13:11–24.
  • “Abinadi and the Ten Commandments”  crossword puzzle
  • Watch this video: “For Little Friends: Chicks and Hens”
  • Help the children think of scenarios in which they could stand for the right, and invite them to role-play some of these situations. For example, what could they do when someone tries to get them to watch an inappropriate movie or when their friends don’t want to include someone in a game they are playing?
  • Trust in the Lord word search
  • Read the 10 commandments in Mosiah 12:35 and 13:11–24.  Help the children think of creative ways to help each other remember each commandment (such as a rhyming phrase, an action, or an acronym). The song “The Commandments” (Children’s Songbook, 112–13) can also help.  Try using this image.

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