29 Spring Crafts & Printables for Kids

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Are you worried about your children being bored while home from school for Spring Break?  Vacations can be expensive, and staycations are becoming more popular.   Here is a list of fun spring crafts and activities your kids can do while home from school this year!

Galaxy Jar Activity For Kids

This fantastic STEM activity which is perfect for teaching young children, Nursery and preschool aged about the solar system and galaxy. This fantastic galaxy jar tutorial is fun and easy to make and one the little ones will really enjoy.

Bird’s Nest Spring Craft

Sometimes you want crafts to be perfect. Other times you want to do them with your three year old. The latter is so much more enjoyable when the craft is supposed to be messy already. That’s why this Bird’s Nest Spring Craft was the perfect choice for you to make with your kids this spring break.

DIY Paper Spinner Toys

Have a go at making a DIY Paper Spinner. Not only were they super fun to make.. but they provide a great STEAM activity for anyone learning about colour theory. It is simply so MAGICAL to see colour theory in action RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms

One of the most beautiful sights in the world is when cherry blossoms come into bloom each spring.  Bring some of that beauty into your home with these tissue paper cherry blossoms!

DIY Sunflower Craft

This is a really easy craft to pull together for your preschool or kindergarten aged student, and it’s easy to turn it into a science lesson!  Just grab a few supplies and some sunflower seeds (for an added touch of realism) and you’re on your way to starting your own garden! Your sunflowers won’t be as tall as the real thing, but they’ll be just as beautiful.

Easy Finger Knitting Bunny DIY

This adorable finger knitting bunny pattern is oh-so-cute!!  Depending on your kids age and dexterity, this is either a together project (they knit, you assemble) or should be able to manage it all by themselves.

Tweety Felt Bird DIY Bookmarks

You won’t have to worry about losing your place the next time you pick up a book to read with these cute felt bird DIY bookmarks. Grab your leftover stash and add this DIY to your list of new felt crafts to make.

Origami Bookmark Corners

These handmade bookmarks are based on a very Easy Origami Bookmark, but with some cutting and embellishment.  These handmade bookmarks make great little gift ideas!  You basically need just paper! And a combination of pens or coloured paper and glue.

Spring Time Flower Pot Painting

Bring spring into your home with these fun and simple spring time flower pot painting crafts!  This is one spring flower that you can be sure won’t die from lack of water or a late snowfall!

Cute & Easy Fluffy Chick Craft for Kids

Make this adorable fluffy chick craft with the kids for spring time, Easter or when learning about farm animals!  These are the perfect craft for doing in the classroom or at home for Easter or spring time in general.

Fields of Tulips Q-Tip Painting

This field of tulips q-tip painting is such a fun art project for kids to create. If you have been lucky enough to visit a tulip festival, you will know how vibrant and colorful the endless fields of tulips are.

Handprint Caterpillar Craft

This handprint caterpillar craft is a cute kid-made gift for parents, grandparents, and family!  Handprint crafts are always a welcome gift because they are personal.  This is an open-ended craft and you can make as many segments as you like to represent each child in your own family.

Free Printable Spring Bingo

Celebrate all there is to love about the Spring season with Free Printable Spring Bingo!  Who’s excited for spring to be here?! Playing games is a fun way to keep the kids entertained.  With the game being all images, it’s easy for kids of all ages to play at home or in the classroom!

Black Glue Bugs Suncatchers

If you are in search of a fun spring craft, look no further. This is the perfect activity for kids who love coloring and making their own hanging suncatcher decorations.

Spring Counting Book For Kids {Free Printable}

This printable book is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to count to 10. It is filled with bugs and plants which make it ideal for springtime. Making and using it is super simple.

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Coffee filter butterflies are easy to make and oh so beautiful!   This classic butterfly craft is one for kids that not only their parents probably made when they were little, but their grandparents too!

Apple Stamp Ladybug Craft for Kids

Make this fun and cute apple stamp ladybug craft for kids for spring or anytime you’re learning about insects!

Bird Seed Ornaments

Spring is officially here, along with plenty of hungry birds. These bird seed ornaments are a super easy kid’s craft that you can make from just a few items that you probably already have in your home. The birds will be thanking you and kids will love making them!

Easy Salt Painting for Kids

Salt Painting is something that is fun and will keep the kids’ attention but not require a ton of supplies or expense.  It’s a really fun activity and it’s always a big hit. You will probably have most of the supplies on hand so it’s all very easy to put together.

Spring Tree Craft

Celebrate all of the colorful blossom trees of the season with this gorgeous spring tree craft! I love this time of year when the cherry blossom trees start to bloom, it creates such beautiful and vibrant colors everywhere. We also have magnolia trees and pretty dogwood trees in our area.

This is a great craft for kids to make to welcome spring and talk about the change of seasons. Making the paper quills also makes a great fine motor activity. Kids of all ages will love creating this beautiful spring artwork!

Free Printable Spring Word Search Coloring Page

Welcome spring with this Free Printable Spring Word Search Coloring Page!  Spring is just around the corner, so here’s this Free Printable Spring Word Search Coloring Page for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect mix of brain games and coloring book!  So go grab some colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and get to work!!

Hilarious Bunny Feet Craft

Before we get started just think how many people can say they’ve walked in the Easter Bunny’s shoes (or feet)?  Well, now you can!  Tip: If you are playing with multiple children you will want to make more than one set of bunny feet. Therefore, if they break you’ll have backups!

Spring Coloring Pages

In the Spring Coloring pages set has fives images. Flowers, bees, butterflies and more flowers. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to download each coloring page.

Spring Sensory Bin and Math for Preschoolers

Bursting with color, this gorgeous spring sensory bin hits the nail on the head for a must try preschool spring activity. Spring can be a magical time of the year and well, we think sensory play is too! This sensory bin activity has a surprise math puzzle hidden within it for engaging preschool math learning. Our easy to make spring sensory bin and math activity is perfect for your preschoolers!

DIY Window Clings: Butterflies in the Garden

These window clings are ridiculously easy to make.  The craft is a fun and easy craft for little ones to make and are easily customized to each holiday.  This is a great rainy day, snow day, or stuck inside because mommy is busy project and can be as detailed or as simple as you want.

Easy Decoupage Kids Craft: Sweet Little Birdhouse

If you want to make your kids’ spring break as screen-free as possible, here is a decoupage idea for you! Decoupage kids crafts are quick and easy. They don’t require perfection so is the perfect kids project.

Spring Flowers Sun-catcher

This is a simple craft to do at home.  To make this suncatcher, or one like it in a different shape, all you need is wax paper, flower petals or leaves (just raid your garden), a pencil, a glue stick, a hole punch, and a piece of yarn or twine.

Handprint Butterfly Craft for Kids

This handprint butterfly craft for kids makes a fun activity for spring, summer or anytime your kids are learning about insects!  Are you looking for a fun and easy activity for the kids do this spring or summer?  If so, this butterfly craft is the perfect answer for you!

DIY Spring Flower Craft Wreath

Simple spring flower craft is a fun and easy flower wreath tutorial. Using only a few materials you will love this simple craft. It’s both great for kids but also one of my favourite easy craft ideas for adults too.  This DIY Flower wreath tutorial is easy to follow and could make a fantastic Mothers Day Gift or look great on the wall or in a frame.

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