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Easy Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups

by Tiffany
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Make a quick dinner that the kids will love with this easy five minute recipe for ham and cheese rollups!

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We love ham and cheese roll-ups at our house, but they can take a long time to make from scratch.  That’s difficult when you have a busy homeschool schedule and the kids’ many activities each day!

Quick five-minute meals are a “must” for our family.  One of our favorites is making lazy ham and cheese roll-ups.  No need to make the dough or sauce from scratch, and get dinner from ingredients to table in just around 15 minutes (that includes 10 minutes of baking time)

The Recipe

  • One can refrigerated crescent rolls or biscuits
  • Grated cheese
  • Ham lunch meat
  • Alfredo or cheese sauce

Chop ham into small squares.  Unroll crescent rolls and sprinkle ham and grated cheese onto them.  Roll the crescent rolls and bake according to instructions on the package (around 10 minutes).  While baking, warm up sauce and use to top completed rolls.

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