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10 Unique (and Free) General Conference Ideas for Children

by Tiffany
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Here are 10 unqiue and free General Conference ideas for children to help you have the best conference weekend ever!

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Update: if you want more ideas, check out our post with over 30 general conference activity ideas for kids!

It’s almost our favorite time of the year – General Conference!

With two kids, we get that General Conference can be difficult,  even if you’re watching it at home.  Children don’t always have a long attention span, and helping them appreciate Conference can be difficult.  (And the homemade cinnamon rolls we make as a family tradition can only last so long!)

General Conference Ideas for Children

To help you out, here are our favorite General Conference activities that kids can do to help them listen to the prophet’s words to the best of their abilities.

And while you’re watching Conference, snack on these delicious homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting!

“General Conference Countdown” Idea for Children

(September 2012 Liahonaand Friend)  Each day for the two weeks before conference, take a link from the chain and do what is written on the strip.

Coloring Page: “Conference Coloring Activity”

(April 2005 Friend).  Color this picture with different colors whenever you hear certain topics mentioned.  When a speaker talks about one of those topics, use that color of crayon to color parts of the picture. (A speaker may mention more than one topic in his or her address.)

If there are still white spaces when you have finished listening to conference, use the Topical Guide in your scriptures to find and read scriptures matching those topics. Then

General Conference Ideas for Children

“Conference ABC’s”

(October 2005 Friend)  Play this alphabet game during conference. Next to each word, make a mark for every speaker who talks about the topic during each session. Write a short definition or draw a picture of what the word means. For any words you don’t know, ask a family member to help you.

At the end of general conference, look at your list and tell your family what you have learned about each word.

General Conference Ideas for Children

“Conference Bingo

(April 2015 Friend).  Create your own Bingo square and play bingo while you listen to General Conference!  Place a small treat on each square.  When you get Bingo, you get to eat your treats!

Tie Time

(April 2015 Friend)  How many ties can you find during General Conference?  Draw pictures of the ties of each speaker.  If the speaker is a Sister, then draw her jewelry or shirt.

General Conference Ideas for Children

“Conference Building Blocks”

(April 2019 Friend).  Fill in the temple building blocks with numbers from the list. During conference, when you see or hear something from your list, place a piece of bandy on that block.  Once you’ve built your temple, you get to eat the treats!

“Conference Counting”

(March 2017 Friend). Put a penny or bean on a square each time you hear that word in a talk.  If you use a penny, then when you get to 5 times of that word, switch to a nickel.  Don’t forget to pay your tithing on the money you earn!

General Conference Ideas for Children

“Conference Squares”

(March 2012 Friend).  This illustrated sheet helps children listen and mark off key words during general conference talks.  Use pennies, candy, or other markers to add some fun.  Try for 5-in-a-row, or go for blackout and mark them all!

General Conference Ideas for Children

“For Little Friends: General Conference Activity”

(October 2007 Friend).  Assign each color or shape a topic before the meeting starts. Then you can eat the snack each time that topic is mentioned by a speaker.

General Conference Ideas for Children

“While You’re Watching General Conference” Idea for Children

(March 2019 Liahona and Friend)  Listen for these words during general conference, and color in the spaces when you hear them.

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10 Unique (and Free) General Conference Ideas for Children

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